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Hi there! I just downloaded a video from YouTube in the new (not very well-known) High Definition format. It's an .mp4 and as I was playing it back, I noticed some weird jittering in the video playback and I could hear the audio speed up so that the video and audio weren't in sync anymore.

I thought I could fix this by exporting as a quicktime MOV using the default settings, but that results in a video that's all black with just audio. So I thought I would save it, but then I got the error message "Movie could not be saved. Movie contains an incorrect time value."

Anyone able to help?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5), QT Pro 7.5.5
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    When you say save you did "Save As" and self contained, right? Try this - edit a tiny amount of the file, specficially, chop off a few seconds at either end ( set In Out with I and O then CMD X) , then save as. See if it works.

    If not then select all, then copy , open a new QT player window and paste and save there. I have run into this and one of these two things solved it. CMD A , CMD C, CMD N, CMD V in that order does it all from the keyboard. Then CMD SFT S.
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    Yes, I did mean that I wanted to save as a self contained movie. I tried both methods, but neither of them helped fix the problem. (Good ideas though!)
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    OK so try this - open another QT file, same codec and copy a wee bit and paste to the end of the one that is giving fits and see if that helps. You can trim it off later.

    Or paste into an existing working clip then trim.

    Finally open in MPEG Streamclip and let it export to MP4 and see.