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Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)
I had a dialog box pop up asking if I wanted to run a Copy Job app script. I had a choice of Run or Quit but the Quit button wouldn't work so I force quit the app from Activity monitor. I couldn't find any app called Copy Job on my Mac. Can anyone tell me what the Copy Job app is, where it came from and why it wanted to run on my Mac?

Mac Mini, 1.42 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Maxtor One Touch 160GB, HP LaserJet 1320n, Epson R800
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)
    Do you have SuperDuper installed? I think it’s a component of that app.


  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)
    Yes, I do have SuperDuper installed but I've never seen this dialog box pop up before. I'll email Shirt Pocket and ask why the dialog box decided to show up and why it would not allow me to dismiss it without a force quit. Thanks for the help.
  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)
    For anyone who might have a similar problem I would like to follow up with what worked to resolve my issue. In addition to the odd dialog box I noticed that my screen saver had quit working as scheduled although it was working manually. After following the directions from Dave Nanian at Shirt Pocket all is now as it should be. SuperDuper is working with no strange dialog boxes popping up and my screensaver is also working properly.

    Dave said that Copy Job is process that runs automatically and that no dialogue box should have ever appeared. He suggested that I delete my SuperDuper schedule, use Onyx or Cocktail to rebuild my Launch Services database and then use Disk Utility to repair permissions.

    These directions worked perfectly except I initially tried Onyx 2.0b1 which generated the following error when I tried to rebuild the Launch Services database:
    Applescript Error
    Finder got an error connection is invalid (-609)
    Cocktail 4.2.1 successfully rebuilt the Launch Services database with the the restore default box checked.