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I work for a school district and we use OS X server strictly for the the ability to manage our OS X clients. Other than Workgroup Manager and NetBoot, we do not use any other features of OS X Server. I'm in the process of migrating all of the clients over to 10.5, and I am debating whether or not we need to upgrade to 10.5 server just yet. Seeing as the 10.5 version of WGM will connect to a 10.4.11 server and allow you to manage 10.5 clients, would there be any added WGM features and/or benefits by upgrading our servers to 10.5?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    If you experience any abnormalities you may want to upgrade the server to match the client. In testing we found that OS X 10.5.3 and higher client software would kill the TCP stack on the 10.3.9 server.

    However, 10.3.9 clients interact with the 10.5.5 server install without issues.

    Just something to look for.