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My iphone started acting funny the other day. It would only recognize my touch occasionally and was very quick and jerky. Now I cannot unlock my phone at all, nor can I turn it off. The touch screen does not recognize my touch at all. The phone will ring and I can receive texts, but I cannot answer or access my telephone at all. I am very frustrated because I have only had the phone for a couple weeks longer than the warranty and the Apple Store wants to charge me $199.00 to have it fixed. It seems a little bit too convenient that right at the end of the warranty the phone stops working. Does anyone know how I can go about fixing this without having to buy a brand new phone? Any help would be appreciated. I love my iPhone, but I am a little disenchanted with it presently. Please help me. Thank you.

iPhone 2G 8GB, Other OS
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    Unfortunate, but the same can happen with any and all products just after the warranty expires, but I seriously doubt there is some conspiracy here with a plan for this to occur for every first generation iPhone a week or two after the warranty expires. My first generation iPhone still works which was purchased on the release date - 6/29/07, and just before the one year warranty period expired, I decided to purchase the AppleCare extended warranty for it. I have an iPhone 3G now and use the first generation iPhone as an iPod Touch.

    I believe there are some 3rd party repair outfits that could fix/repair this for you, but you will probably find the repair cost for this won't be a whole lot less than $199, which pays for an exchange and includes a warranty.
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    Same thing here. Touch screen unresponsive, iPhone out of warranty and Apple wants $200 to fix it. Can't cancel the contract cause AT&T wants $175 earlier termination fee. I think Apple should make a phone that AT LEAST last for the 2 year contract!
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    I'm having the same issue seems to be a short somewhere as it works sometimes. Not sure what to do I am not going to buy another Iphone if it won't last a little longer than a year and then the touchscreen dies. Plus I have had a ton of stupid bubbles in my screen as well...
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    Same here. I've had this phone since first day they came out, but today the screen stopped responding in about 1/3 inch strip across the width of the top half (right over the usual 2nd position in a scrolling list, or the buy button in the iTunes store). Wow, is it really $199 to fix???
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    Followup: went to Genius Bar today -- they looked up my iPhone's serial number and told me that it qualified for a free replacement! Amazing service, Apple!
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    from the research ive done for my iphone 2g which is having the same issues, is that the glass screen with digitizer needs to be replaced. you can find this piece on ebay for about $130 or somewhere else on the web for cheaper, but good luck.
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    Yep, just happened to me. The touch screen stopped working on the top and the bottom strips. I called Apple and they basically told me I was out of luck. They told me I can call AT&T and buy a new one. Too bad, I liked the Iphone, but if this is a known issue, due to a manufacturing defect, then they should honorably fix it.
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    I'm having a similar problem, started yesterday with my 2G iphone

    The touch screen doesn't work in a very specific line horizontally across the screen that only comes into play in certain screens:

    -Calculator, the C, +/-, div, X buttons no longer respond.
    -In contacts, any contact or phone number that happens to fall in that exact place does not respond (very difficult for calling people)
    -In the app store I can't log in or cancel out because the 'ok' and 'cancel' buttons are in the dead zone.
    -When scrolling once my finger hits that spot it stops.
    -In notes I can't click on the third note down. (I'll never know what I wanted to remember on Fed 5th)

    ...on & on & on...
    It is only an issue when the click-able icon is in this 'exact' spot, a little up & a little down & I'm fine.

    on another note: Interesting how some one received a free replacement when music couldn't be purchased from itunes (above post), and someone else was told to buy a new phone when they couldn't power down... not fair.
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    Mine is doing the same thing... Just happened out of nowhere and now it is a pain to try and get around. Mine is the second row of applications and that row on any page. Once someone finds out if there is an answer please post.
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    In this thread:


    I mentioned I was having problems with a dead band on my touch screen. I took my phone into the Apple Store, referred to TS1827:


    And they replaced my out of warranty iPhone. I'm really appreciate the extraordinary level of customer service Apple has provided throughout my ownership of my iPhone.

    Purchase date of IPhone 7/07 w/o applecare.

    Not a recall just a way to net new iphone if touch screen goes bad and it falls within a range of s/n that are known only to Apple.
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    Interesting. I have exactly the same symptoms (I have original iPhone), yet I've got turned down in apple store (they've offered out of warranty replacement for low price of $200) and by apple phone support saying that I'm not eligible for phone support as my phone is out of the warranty.

    Any ideas what else I can do?