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I recently purchased a Canon MP620 printer with my new MacBook Pro and the software that comes with it is extremely obtrusive. It has installed itself in my login items and placed several printer manuals on my desktop and in the finder task bar. While I found this annoying and clumsy, I have been able to neutralize all of this pesky software except the Canon IJ Network Scan Utility that has appeared in my Finder Task Bar. I have no intentions to use the printer over a network and even if I did wish to use this feature utilities such as this belong with the others in the folder labeled 'Utilities', not in my task bar. All efforts to remove this icon have proven fruitless, and since the computer cannot even seem to simply locate the utility using Spotlight I can't simply delete this feature that i never wish to use. Has anyone had similar problems or knows how to edit task bar icons manually? I miss my sleek task bar and want this annoying and useless icon to disappear.

MacBook Pro (Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    If you are referring to the toolbar (there is no Finder task bar) then press the COMMAND key and then drag the item out of the toolbar. It will "poof' away.
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    To stop the Canon IJ Network Scan utility from appearing in your menu bar, you will need to remove it from your Login items of your account. Reading your post it sounds like you got close to doing this already, but since it appears to have not worked, here are some steps.

    1. Open System Preferences > Accounts and select your account. Click on Login items, highlight Canon IJ Network Scan and click the - (minus) button to remove the item from the list. This will stop the item from starting at login.

    2. To now disable (remove) the Canon IJ Network Scan utility from the menu bar, either restart your Mac or open Activity Monitor, select Canon IJ Network Scan in the list and click Quit Process. Note that Kappy's method of removing the icon does not work for this utility.


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    After removing ij Network Scanner from Login Items in System Preferences Accounts, reboot your computer. Then go to the hard drive on which the Canon software was installed, then Library, then printers, then Canon, then bj printers, then utilities and move ij Network Scanner to trash. If you are no longer using a Canon printer yo can move the whole bj Printer file to the trash.
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    I don't want to REMOVE the utility, as I believe it's necessary to allow my MX850's scanner to talk to my Mac over my wifi network. I just want to hide the butt-ugly, space-wasting, and completely useless icon from my menu bar.
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    In order to stop the icon appearing in the menu bar you need to stop it from starting on login. This will not remove the utility, it simply stops it from starting.

    But as you have noted, you do need the utility to be running in order to scan across the network. So you will need to make a alias to the utility located in...

    ./Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter/Utilities/Canon IJ Network Scan Utility

    Opening the utility will make the icon appear in the menu bar, where you can select it to turn on the utility. After using the scanner, if you then want to remove the icon from the menu bar, you can quit the utility via Activity Monitor or restart the Mac.
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    I recently bought a Pixma MP620 and it's working fine - but I found the unnecessary menulet for the Network Scan Utility pretty annoying. Unfortunately there's no way of permanently removing it while keeping the app running (which I recommend you do; PAHU's suggestion will work but is a lot of effort to disable a tiny icon...) but you can 'hide' it.

    Go into System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items, and control-click on "Canon IJ Network Scan". Select "Reveal in Finder" and then control-click on the Scan Utility icon in the window that opened. Select "Show Package Contents" and then open Contents>Resources. In there you'll see a file called "push_scan.icns" which looks just like the irritating menulet in question. Drag it out of this folder onto the desktop, then log out and log back in again.

    You'll see that the icon has disappeared from the menu bar, but if you click in the empty space it once occupied the Scan Utility menu still appears. If you like this setup then I'd recommend you put the .icns file somewhere safe incase you want it back in future. If you don't like it then simply put the file back in the folder it came from.

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