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Hello I just recently brought a brand new 15" MacBook Pro Model #MB513LL/A. My second laptop since my old G3 PowerBook prismo.

After 2 days of using the laptop, I experience something I never expected to see, nor heard of. The laptop froze and the screen went black, after that. The sleep indicator light repeatedly flash 3x and made a beeping noise with each light. It would flash and beep 3x, pause for like 3 or 4 secs and then resume again in the same matter. I couldn't get the computer to start up again. I had to hold down the power button to stop the flashing and beeping noise.

After an hour of leaving it alone, I attempt to start it up and it started fine. However it did happened again like 3 times already.

Each time leaving the computer alone it would start up fine. I ran a hardware test and found nothing wrong. I did notice when it happened the second time the light only flash 1x and a sinlge beep. Is this some sort of way of reading what wrong with the computer? I couldn't find anything on the internet about this problem.

I was just wondering if anybody had a similar experience with the flashing and beeping noise. I spoke to a mac person at the apple store and never heard of this? Could it be a overheating problem?

I am shock and very disappointed with this. I was even thinking of upgrading to 4GB of ram and maybe getting a larger HD. But I would like to know what was causing this problem. It's barely a week old in my hands.

A few things I should mention of what I did before the problems occur. I did partition the drive so I could experience XP on a mac machine. I only use 42 GB of space for XP. The only driver I needed to install was the realtek audio driver. So I could use the headset.

Other than that, XP ran awesome! I even tested the hardware by playing battlefield 2 using a second 24"display for like 4 hours. No problem! ran even faster than my Dual core opteron PC.

Then after I quit the game and return to the XP desktop it froze. I had to do a manual shut down. This is when I encounter the first flashing light/beeping noise. I couldn't even eject the CD since the computer wouldn't start up. At first I thought maybe this was a window malfunction or the disc got jam in the drive. Not sure?

However after leaving the computer alone for an hour it started up in OSX mode and I was able to eject the Disc. The second malfunction occur when I was updated leopard OS. So at this point I figured it's a hardware related problem? So any ideas?

Also, how do yo eject the a disc if you have trouble starting up the computer. I don't see a pin hole eject slot.

Any help or ideas will be helpful,


PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25 mirror D
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    Beeping sounds at startup usually indicate a hardware problem as the computer has failed the POST. See Power On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2.

    To eject a disc stuck in the optical drive you do any of the following:

    1. Press the Eject button if you have one on the computer.
    2. Restart the computer and hold down the mouse button until the disc ejects.
    3. Press COMMAND-E to eject.
    4. Select Eject from the Finder's File menu.
    5. Open the Terminal application in your Utilities folder and at the prompt enter:
    /usr/bin/drutil eject

    Press RETURN and the disc should eject.
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    Hey Kap,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    After reading the Test Beep Definition, It sound like I had a ram Problem? Perhaps the computer running too hot cause a problem with-in the ram banks? I am thinking of upgrading the ram from 2GB to 4GB, perhaps this will eliminate that problem?

    As far as the eject problem. I did perform solution 1 and 3. I didn't know of solution 2. 4 and 5 wouldn't of work since I couldn't start up the computer normally. The screen was black out since the computer was beeping. Thanks for the link. I am really surprise the tech guy didn't know of this???

    I reinstall Leopard and so far the computer is running again. I just need to partition the drive again for XP. May do 50/50 this time.

    Hopefully upgrading the ram will help. Any specific brand I should look for? I often buy from mac sales.

    Thank you again.
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    Any product with the proper specifications will work. Just be sure you buy a produce with a Lifetime warranty from a reputable vendor.

    I've bought my RAM for 20 years from Data Mem.
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    I had the same problem just 10 minutes ago.. i was surfing on the web (not too long, only 15 minutes, no hot temp. or anything unusual), then the screen froze, i reseted then got these 3 beeps with the flashing light in the bottom. closed and opened it again and again the 3 beeps.. left it for 2-3 minutes and this time i removed the battery cover and the battery and put it back again, plugged the AC adapter then turned it on and it worked?!

    Totally not good for Apple to release such a cool laptop with such a problem.. maybe the ram moved from it's slot!? (i did just come back from my travel, and my laptop bag did get its share of bumps and hits..) Anyway, this only happened once so far. should i take it to Apple technician or should i go on with it as is?? Please help. thanks.

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    I have had this problem too. I've had my computer for just about 2 months now. I haven't had any problems until very recently when my computer crashed several times. The first signs of problems arose when i first tried using the discrete graphics card, a lot of things went awry. I switched back to the integrated graphics since. Then most recently, after installing safari 4, my computer has crashed twice. The first time, it froze and I restarted fine. This last time, everything froze while trying to open a website and when I tried to restart I got the three beeps.

    It seems like many people are having problems with RAM, how does this happen?

    I will take it to the apple store tomorrow, but this is very disheartening. I have been a long time mac user, I've rarely ever had any problems with my old powerbook.

    Anyone else having problems after safari 4 or the discrete graphics card? Or is it unrelated?
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    The same thing happen to my MacBook Alum.

    After I install all drivers (from MAC) and restart the laptop, my whole screen is blank. The only thing that I could hear is a single beep sound and light blinking at the bottom.

    I have changed 3 units of MacBook and the problem still occurs!

    What could have been the problem?

    Please advise...
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    Also keep in mind that your original RAM is under warranty,and if it's bad, you can get it replaced for free under warranty. You can try reseating it and see if this helps--sometimes the problem is actually poor contact between the RAM stick and the socket, and you should be able to cure the problem by reseating the RAM and making sure that it is securely locked into place.

    Good luck!