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I have 5 classes of 30 students each who are attempting to record their research in garageband. Due to lack of funding, we are using the built in mic in our intel iMacs. The recordings pick up the voices of surrounding students, classroom noise such as paper shuffling, coughing and movement around the room. It also is hard for my students to record with expression in front of so many people. I would like to offer them an alternative to recording in the classroom.

I am thinking of using phones etc that the students may already have in their possession or purchasing something very inexpensive to record maybe 5 at a time. This is a 9 week class with a very full curriculum, so it would have to be a solution that is not time consuming and that a 13 year old could do with written directions.

I realize we can convert audio files via iTunes, but the district blocks the use of iTunes for students due to students spending all their time looking for music and not working. I could unblock it for a day or so to import audio if I get a smooth work around that the kids could do in an hour of so.

If you have a workflow or guide of what devices to use, how to get the recording from student devices into garageband that won’t take forever, please respond here.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you're doing - how you're using Garageband or recording. By "recording research" do you mean simply recording a verbal description of results of a project, or is the recording itself part of the project?

    In any case, perhaps a small, portable recording device might work. Check out the ones on Sweetwater's site: http://www.sweetwater.com/c1006--Portable_Recorders

    The students could use something like the Zoom, anywhere, and then simply transfer the audio to the Mac into Garageband, iTunes, Quicktime, or any audio program you like.

    If you were going to use the Mac itself to record rather than a portable device like the Zoom, you would get better results using an interface or a USB mic (which combines a simple interface and mic).


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    I am sorry I was not very clear. The students completed their research, and typed it out in the form of a script that would be recorded in garageband and then the recordings are enhanced with their keynote presentations. The podcasts are then posted for other students to view.

    We have no money at this time to solve the problem. I did talk to the students again today and in our discussion, I found a work around for a few kids. The students who have free texting and email, will record their script as voice memos and then email the voice memos to themselves and then import them into garageband. Now I know we will have some problems with file types, but I think I can work that out. We are using ilife o8, and I think it may be easier than older versions. We'll see.

    I am still looking for a solution for the other students. I used my ipod with italk to record one students podcast and it worked wonderfully, I wish I had more italk moduals because many kids have ipods and its very compatible with garageband and requires the least amount of steps. I have 50 minute classes and 30 students in each class. This is still a very slow process.

    I am
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    if the iPods would have been a solution that implies that most have computers at home... so is there some reason that they can't do the recordings at home, on their computers, in a quiet environment?
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    Well the main reason is that less than 10% have macs. Most have pc's and no garageband. Ohhh, maybe you are saying they can use their pc to record in some other program?

    Is there a pc program that will record voice that comes as part of the operating system? Many have lost the internet due to the bad economy here in Michigan. I am afraid that I am only slightly familiar with pc's. I once had a dell laptop back in the day.

    Is there a website that will allow the user to record voice memos and somehow download them to their workstation at school?

    Thanks for helping me solve this. Any other ideas on the above?
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    you are saying they can use their pc to record in some other program?

    yes, there is free software for every platform that can record audio

    Is there a pc program that will record voice

    i can't offer any specific names, as i don't use windows, but i'd suggest going to versiontracker and searching under the windows section (i'd start with "audio editor")