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I have an iBook G4 that runs on OSX 10.5.4. I went to download updates and it told me that I don't have enough space and that I need to "remove files from the startup disk." How do I do this?

iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    By startup disk, it means your hard drive that has Mac OS X installed. So just take some files and trash them.

    Of course, don't trash these or their contents:
    the System folder
    the Library folder (whether it's in your home folder or sitting next to your System folder)
    any app in the Applications folder that came with the Mac (unless it's some app like Quicken) (Microsoft Office you'll have to run the uninstaller if you want to uninstall it)

    To find big files to delete, use something like GrandPrespective.

    And if there's one file that looks WAY too big, reply about it.
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    Select the icon of your Macintosh HD on your desktop, then Get Info (Command + i).
    Report back on Total Capacity and Available Capacity. If your HDD is that full you probably need to have a larger HDD installed. You can do this yourself. If you are interested post back and ask. Please note that for efficient functioning of your computer and to avoid serious directory and Hard Disk Drive issues you need to have a minimum of 5 GB of free space on HDDs 40 GB or less, and a minimum of 15% on HDDs over 40 GB.

    Dr. Smoke's FAQ Freeing space on your Mac OS X startup disk gives suggestion of where you can begin to clear space on your HDD. Note, however, that any space you save will likely fill up quickly.