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  • Dave.Liz Level 1 Level 1
    Update from my earlier post: I changed out my router and now my iphone works perfect and is very fast (had the comcast linksys wcg200 router before). (I had done EVERY suggestion with the iphone, including setting my phone up as a new device and deleting all my apps etc. to see if that would help me connect to my comcast home wifi network better). I am not sure who to blame - comcast for a router maintenance upgrade that affected my ability (after 10 months of perfect use) to connect my iphone with my home wifi or iphone because this all happened at the same time I got my 2.2 upgrade. Anyway, as mentioned by an earlier poster - changing out the router works!
  • John Christiansen Level 1 Level 1
    Nice that you got it working, but not nice for me to know that I have to replace two rather new Apple routers - of which one is a rather expensive Airport/Time Capsule/Time Machine router in order to get this iPhone to work!!

    The other router is also a rather new Airport Extreme router that presently successfully broadcasts a nbg wireless network to five different computers here. It seems strange that one needs to replace a few old month device from Apple with something even newer to be an iPhone to connect to a WiFi network.

    I do really hope that someone or better several people at Apple follows this debate.
  • John Christiansen Level 1 Level 1
    Hi, just wanted to let you know that after disconnecting everything from the cable with the signal (modem from ISP, Ethernet box from ISP and the two AirPort Extreme & AirPort Time-Capsule) and leaving it off for some minutes, and then turing it back the issue was solved here.

    The WiFi symbol on the iPhone is back.

    The IP-adress shifted from something with (which is apparently from others in the forum here not what you want) to something starting with which makes it all work. Hence, I did not shift any number myself, but rather restarted the set up.
  • jcc31 Level 1 Level 1
    Just a thought, what about deleting the SSID you have and changing it with a new name?
  • John Christiansen Level 1 Level 1
    I'm not sure what you mean by "deleting the SSDI".

    As I got my set up to work after shutting everything down from power and restart after some minutes, and is has been working for a whole day now I will just hope the best.
  • jcc31 Level 1 Level 1
    The SSID is on your router. That is the name of the signal that you see on your device. I was thinking that you change your SSID on your router then maybe it will clear up and confusion your device might have with the router. Only reason I say this is because some people state that the WI-Fi will work in other places then their home. So changing the SSID on your home router will be consider the same as logging in to another router with a different signal. OH, SSID stands for Service Set Identifier.
  • John Christiansen Level 1 Level 1

    So SSID would be like the name that you have chosen for the broadcasted network?
    I see your point, as a renaming will include a restart of the device in most instances.

    My own experience, was that a restart of the wireless base-station was not enough, I had to shut it down and then restart everything, but I'm not sure that the issue's with bad or missing connection to ipHones are the same for everybody, so your suggestion might work for some.
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    Add me to this group. I have the WCG200 gateway from Comcast and I too have been having difficulties with my iPhone and iPod Touch wifi. Tomorrow I plan to call Comcast and see if they'll swap this leased gateway. If not, I'll swap ISPs! The problem has to be theirs, as both devices work just fine on other wifi networks.
  • mpresdm Level 1 Level 1
    thanks so much Noc748! I followed your lead and did the exact same thing and you guessed it! My Wifi is working better than ever -- so much faster than before and on all wireless devices in my household including the iPhones.
    We are once again a happy iPhone using family!!
    much appreciated.
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    Count me in - after a scan of this topic, and all the suggestions (bad IP addresses, Comcast, routers, SSID), I can say that I have the exact problems described here with my 8gb iPhone 1G and wifi connection. I updated my phone to 2.2 on day one (or thereabouts) of the firmware release, and seriously regret it. Problems right across the board with all podcast downloads (they start, then rapidly slow until stopping - rinse, repeat), App downloads and updates and internet access (server stopped responding messages, and/or never ending loading).

    Interestingly, the internet access problem can be 'overcome' by simply stopping the process, then clicking the same link again or hitting the refresh option while it tries to load - the second attempt is often more successful. In any case, even successful page loads are incredibly slow - my wife has an identical 1G iPhone with firmware 2.1, and pages one her phone download at 4-5 times the speed. Obviously I've been unable to compare podcast download performance.

    For the record, I'm based in the UK with access to numerous wifi networks - home (10mb cable), work (DSL) and public (The Cloud) - all now suffer the same problems. My home router is a Belkin Pre-N (exact model - I can't remember) and my work network is provided by Apple Airport Express hardware. All other devices - desktops, laptops, PCs etc all work fine on these same networks.

    There seems to be silence from Apple on this subject, but there are a lot of people suffering the same problem. Wish I could contribute something more positive, but at least my situation would seem to prove it's not related to specific combinations of hardware.
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    Also count me in. My iPhone doesn't work on my home wireless network or my work wireless network - it just plain refuses to even detect that the networks are even there. Tried adding them manually, but this fails too.

    Just so that it's made clear, I also have a Sony PSP, and this device manages to access wireless at home and work perfectly well. This is not an issue related to network hardware, and it's a shame that people have felt the need to go out and buy new routers (etc.) to get their iPhone working. If ANYTHING works on your wireless network, and the iPhone doesn't, the iPhone is at fault, and don't let the sheep tell you otherwise.

    I implore everyone that is having this issue to contact Apple Support directly to complain about their Wifi experience, so that this can get fixed once and for all - for such an expensive device, the support is woefully bad and they need to be made aware that we're not going to stand for it!
  • shogo2040 Level 1 Level 1
    I have first gen iPhone and Linksys WCG200 ver 1 (with 2 antennas).

    After Comcast upgraded my firmware to I got new cool features like new support for WPA2 (WCG200 ver 1 with 2 antennas only supported WEP out of the box). First of all I did not know an ISP could upgrade firmware of YOUR hardware, I find that both weird but convenient. Low and behold, both my HP Laptop and my iPhone connect to my WCG200 with WPA2 !! What a nice free Christmas gift. Looks like I don't have to scrap out the WCG200 and buy a new cablemodem/router/wifi all-in one combo.

    Problem: iPhone wifi with WCG200 ver 1 on firmware freezes on streaming data. Launch Youtube, and it will always stop after X-amount of bytes.

    We could request our ISP to rollback our firmware and lose WPA2 (for those of you who have WCG200 ver 1 - two antennas). But why lose such a great feature? WPA2 is more secure and has no problems with my other devices (my laptop for example).

    Besides waiting around for the next iPhone update (when will that be?) we could basically hack our way out of this.

    Try different channels through the WCG200 web admin, different configurations, and just find something that works.
  • shogo2040 Level 1 Level 1
    Any luck? My iphone is still hosed.
  • rustyshelf Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having this exact problem. As of this morning my iPhone (3G, 8GB, 2.2) refuses to see my home or work wifi networks. I don't think it's the router as I have an airport extreme, while work has some other totally different brand. It's like the wifi is just completely broken. Every now and again I can get it to connect for about 30 seconds, but then it drops out again.

    This phone has been working just fine on both wifi networks just fine for a few weeks before today, and on both networks other iPhones are able to connect fine. I've tried resetting the network settings, so my last option is a restore...what a pain!
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    After going in circles with Comcast, I gave up. We ended up getting a Motorola Surfboard modem and Airport Extreme over the holidays. Everything works great now, no more issues at all. If anything things are significantly faster on both the iPhone and our laptops. It's a crappy situation to have to buy a new modem and router to fix, but I couldn't wait any longer.