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I awoke this morning to a text message from my girlfriend on my phone, to my surprise her phone number poped up instead of her name. All of my contacts have gone from my phone. How the heck did this happen and how can I get them back?! All my contacts are in my address book on my Mac but how do I get them to sync back?

Macbook White, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Hello, Sorry to hear about this.

    Try a couple things below then there will be info how to sync contacts back into iphone

    1. Reboot iPhone

    -Hold down the home button & sleep/wake button till you see the silver apple logo. Once you see this let go of both buttons. When you are able to slide to unlock, Check and see if contacts returned.

    2. If you use Mobile Me on the iPhone

    -Go to Settings - Mail,Contacts,Calenders - Tap on mobile me account - Turn Sync contacts to Off, wait. Then turn it back on. Now go check contacts on iPhone. Give it about 1 to 2 min to communicate with Mobile Me. Depending on iPhone connection. You will see a spinning gear by at&t logo.

    If none of these steps assisted proceed to last steps below

    1. Launch Address Book on Mac, Confirm contacts are in there

    -Up above in the Mac OSX menu bar where you will see a Blue or Black Apple should be an option next to that called Address Book, Next to that is File

    -Click on File - Export - Address Book Archive - This will allow you to make a backup of address book.

    *If you are running tiger the word you may be looking for is Backup database

    Once the backup is done. Assuming your not actually syncing contacts with Mobile me the following info will sync contacts back to iPhone.

    1. Connect iPhone, when it shows the summary screen. Click on Info

    2. On the Info tab click the box that says Sync contacts with Address Book, Apply, and it will sync contacts back over.
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    Thanks very much for your kind assistance, i'll give it a try and report back