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I'm not sure if the overheating issue is related to the 2.2 update or my new power adapter replacement but my phone has started to overheat on (3) numerous occasions recently. (I've had the original 2G phone and the 3G since launch so I've experienced my fair share of warm iPhones but these past few auto "shutdowns" is making me very uneasy.)

On all 3 occasions, the iPhone got very warm (almost borderline hot). Then, it would automatically turn off (with a black screen as if it went to sleep). A hard-reset (Wake+Home button extended hold) would be the only way to bring it back to normal use or else the phone would not be able to hold a charge. 2 of the 3 shutdowns occurred when my phone was being recharged with the replacement power adapter. In all three situations, I was on the phone talking to someone and my battery life was at 20% red.

What didn't make any sense during these occurrences was that I couldn't charge my phone afterward. The phone would get really hot (during use) and the recharge but my battery life would remain at 10% red even after 20 minutes. When it first happened, I figured it was a freak isolated incident but two more very similar shutdowns made me think otherwise.

Any help or similar experience would be great. At least on the bright side, mobile Safari isn't crashing after 2.2.

Additional info:
No external case on the iPhone. Replacement power adapter worked fine before. 2.2 firmware.

BTW, why did apple make it so hard to find the discussion board?

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Added additional information.

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    Just to let you know that I am also getting this problem, my iphone 3g was so hot before, i wondered if it could catch fire!!!! I have tried 2 different charging methods (charger and USB to mac) but it seems to not charge either and just gets v hot.
    I hope this is not a problem of faulty batteries??
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    As far as i know the problem is due to the phone working to run certain apps. For Example: "Tap defense" gets the phone to work really quick meaning that it would heat up. the shut downs could be occuring to the fact you dont turn your phone on and off and keep it on. This is caused by apps. Each time you download an application the phone needs to be restarted to ensure the phone communicates with the applications. Remember the iphone doesnt have a lot of talktime battery life.
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    yes i was using "liveradio" application when this happened today, but thats one of the apps i want to use, so Apple must do something to safeguard us and the phone otherwise someone is going to get burned!
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    to be fair the iphone doesn't really get that hot. However if your unsure book it into a apple genius bar at your local store and ask them about it.
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    Have you tried to restore your iPhone without using a backup?
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    Each time you download an application the phone needs to be restarted to ensure the phone communicates with the applications

    I have NEVER had to do that.
    I can download, and instantly run every application I have ever used.

    You would be better served by holding home for 10 seconds to exit applications you suspect may not be exiting properly.
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    No I haven't but why would I need to restore my iPhone without a backup? I have quite a list of contacts and I doubt its software related.

    Regarding running applications: I was on the phone talking. No other programs were running (that I knew of) and I restart my phone once a week (old habit from the first iPhone days when the apps were crashing like it was the cool thing to do).

    I have no intentions to over exaggerate my situation. I've stated before that I've owned both the 1st gen Edge iPhone and now the 3G iPhone so I have a good idea on what "warm" is. This is borderline HOT. My phone will not hold a charge without a restart (wake+home). If I didn't restart the phone, it would get extremely warm during the recharging process. I've used both the adapter and the USB cable while connected to my computer but to no avail.

    The problem is that it's intermittence. I can't replicate the overheating/auto-shutdown readily so when I took my phone to the genius bar at my local Apple store, they said it was "normal" to get warm. Apparently they didn't believe me.

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    Not saying this is the reason, but I haven't seen it mentioned in your query or in the responses if you are attempting to charge your iPhone in some form of "case" or not, but if you are... that is the culprit!! Do not charge your iPhone while in any case
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    Do not charge your iPhone while in any case

    I don't think you should make such a blanket statement.

    I don't know of anyone who removes the case to charge their phone. If this was necessary why would Apple approve any case with a charge connector opening?

    Nor has my phone ever felt hot while charging. The most I've ever noticed
    was a slightly warm, but not any warmer than when in my pocket = 98.6F.
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    this is definately an issue. Within the last week, my iPhone 3g (2.2.1 firmware) has begun to rapidly drain the battery with no activity. I have settings optimized for my use and can rely on over 75% battery after a day of light use. Now i can pull it out of the charger and within 3 hrs it will be at less than 50% battery, and constantly warm to the touch, sometimes downright hot.

    Apple support said the phone should not run any hotter than 95%, and if it even got close it would be cause for concern. I used a heat scanner on my phone after 2 hrs of it just laying on my desk and the temp was 101.7 degrees F.

    I have a genius bar appt today for replacement. We shall see.
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    very interested to hear what they say/do - my 3G iphone has had heat/battery issues since going to 2.2 and it seems to be getting worse. Even after shutting mine down, once powered back up it heats up again. the low battery life is bad enough - the threat of eventual equipment failure is much worse.
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    Wow, you guys/gals are starting to worry me my 3G few weeks ago and I did notice that the battery life isnt all that great. It came preloaded with 2.2 and I updated to 2.2.1
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    Irish51 wrote:
    Not saying this is the reason, but I haven't seen it mentioned in your query or in the responses if you are attempting to charge your iPhone in some form of "case" or not, but if you are... that is the culprit!! Do not charge your iPhone while in any case

    The iPhone case is not the cause of overheating. I've charged my iPhone in the case ever since July. If the case were to overheat the iPhone at any given time posing a safety hazard, Apple would have issued a replacement to all whom say it.

    The iPhone heats up when using a lot of processor power, much like a laptop on your lap cooks your legs when playing stellar graphic games. The iPhone heats up in your hands for the factors of using the Internet alot and using it to watch movies and playing games.

    Put the phone down, airplane mode it, and it'll cool off in a few.
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    Note, this is the ER for iPhones and there are 14 million of them out there. For every problem you read about here, there are probably 10,000 that don't have that problem. My iPhone runs nearly perfect.
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