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Does the Trial Version of Aperture support the use of the Tether Option - I've hooked up my camera (Nikon D80) and set the comms mode to MTP/PTP - I have checked on both the Aperture and Nikon websites - both say set comms to PTP

The Tether option is available but the sub menus (Start etc) are greyed out

can someone confirm my suspicions


Late 2008 Macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    After a bit of thought, started Aperture -

    Selected "Tether" -

    the "Start session" option on the Sub menu was now available -

    selected "Start" -

    Connected my camera -

    hey presto - images direct from the camera

    so you have to START the session BEFORE you connect your camera - its probably in the documentation somewhere - but who's got time to read
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    I would think the trial would work with the tether. I don't know of any limitations other than time on the trials.

    On my Canon 5D, I actually don't set mine to PTP and it works. Without looking at the tether side of things, as soon as you plug in the computer it should pop up in Aperture and ask if you want import... just like a card reader would.

    If you aren't seeing this, I would look at the communication between the computer and camera.