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I posted too soon about what I thought was a solution to the "your computer's system firewall settings will prevent you..." error. By deleting the i-tunes streaming entry in my firewall, I was able to stream music successfully to my speakers. But, that was last week. This week, even after deleting the entry (which curiously re-plants itself) I get nothing from my speakers - even when I disable the firewall. I did all of the troubleshooting stuff I could find here already (see my last post). Of course, this all started after updating. I have also lost my bonjour printer, for what its worth, which I spent days and days trying to get up and running. Can anyone please help? Airport Admin Utility 'sees' my AE...

Please help if you can. Apple wants $50 to do so.

PB15 1.67GHz/2GB, AEBS,4GB iPod,G-Raid 320GB (FW800)HD, Mac OS X (10.4.11)