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Greetings, all, I might be facing a lot of work to redo in my near future that I'd like to avoid. Any help would be appreciated.

I recently (about a week ago, and without any logical explanation that I could think of, unless my new Time Machine drive is more like a wrecking ball for Aperture) had several albums go missing from one particular project. The images in those albums are missing from the Aperture library as well. I've tried a database rebuild (took several hours) and also a consistency check (took several hours). Neither of those options seemed to change anything. The library size is about 100 GB, and it lives on an external hard drive. The files in question are from two days, and it's probably a few hundred at most. But they had all been edited. The masters are referenced across other external hard drives. The masters are fine and they are not missing.

All of my adjustments (and organization through Aperture and metadata) seem to have vanished. I've searched for the dates of missing files in the "All Photos" built-in smart album of the library, I've searched for "File Status:Missing" and I think I've tried about everything else I can think of. I've done many Internet forum searches, including one here in the Apple forums that came up with this unanswered post: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8276709&#8276709

I've been unable to make any rhyme or reason of what has caused this problem. I'm starting to think there might not be an easy way to fix this problem and I might have to just re-tone, re-edit, and re-layout the book as well. That would be several hours of work that I'm not looking forward to.

If I look into the package contents of the Aperture library and go all the way down to the project where stuff is missing from, I can see all the albums there as "[album name].apalbum." When I take a look inside those files, I see what appears to be the information of my album in there, including a few hundred strings that are probably references to the images. Sadly, though, these xml documents that I've read were the beauty of Aperture because they had the potential to rebuild a broken database don't seem to be working.

My next idea, barring anything better that somebody pitches my way, is to export all the projects I've added or edited since the last vault update (Dec. 1) and then rebuild from the vault and reimport the projects that haven't been backed up. I'm not even sure this will work because I really don't know when this problem happened. I haven't been in those albums in probably at least a month.

Anybody have any ideas that might be a help to me?

iMac 2.16 GHz, 24", 3GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.5)