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I've seen similar topics with this problem, but still no answer. ***? The issue is that my iPod was playing normally, doing everything jsut fine, then all of a sudden it shut off. Figuring that it had just run out of jucie, I plugged it into the wall and...nothing. Then I plugged into the computer...still nothing. Then I plugged it in and tried to do a rest...nothing. THEN it started just flashing white flashes once a second. When you unplug it, it stops, but it won't charge, won't turn on, won't be recognized by anything. What is up? All I need to know is what is wrong with it and I will fix it!

A1099, Windows XP Pro
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    I am currently running XP and no matter WHERE I plug my iPod in, it won't work. All it does is flash the backlight on and off of the apple screen. It won't charge, and it won't be recognized by my computer. When I plug it in, it says that there is very low battery, even though it was flashing on the charger for a week...