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Apple TV is not accepting my iTunes account name or password. I can sign in on my Mac and transfer purchases/rentals over to the Apple TV, but that's pretty time-consuming, compared to doing it right on the Apple TV. It used to work perfectly, now it just doesn't-- no matter how many times I type in the name/password. Everything else is fine, I just can't get into the iTunes store.

The country is set correctly, my wireless network is set correctly (and working), my name/password is correct, I "agreed" to the latest terms, YouTube works fine ... it just won't accept my name/password.

Any ideas?

Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Can you actually browse store content or do you just fail at purchasing?

    If not maybe the store is down - AppleTV may not connect to exactly the same store address as iTunes, so iTunes working is not necessarily a sign that the AppleTV 'area' is up.

    Have you tried unplugging/rebooting?

    Convenience and HD rentals aside I find iTunes more reliable for purchasing YMMV.
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    I can browse the store and select items for purchasing. I just can't complete any purchases because it's not recognizing my account and/or password.
  • Topper99 Level 1 (5 points)
    This resolved itself eventually. I think it must have been a problem with the iTunes store.