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My Alu MacBook (late 2008) won't boot from any USB harddisks. I've tried diffrent types of external USB harddisks (2,5' 3,5' with/without external power supply) but with no success. If i boot up my MacBook holding down the alt button the boot manager shows me all available and bootable USB volumes, but when i select one of those the MacBook just performs a restart and that's it (of course booting from the internal harddisk then). The same USB harddisks with the same OSX installation on it will start on my Alu iMac (late 2007) without any problems. I've also tried to install OSX directly from my MacBook to a USB harddisk, but after a succssesful installation the MB will not boot from it.

I've allready installed the newest EFI firmware update for my MacBook (Boot-ROM-Version: MB51.0073.B06)but this also dosen't solve the problem. Any ideas?

iMac, MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)