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Here's what happened to me, My Ipod would sync and get to a certain song and keep trying and I'ld have to force quit. I would try agiain and it would be a different problem song, but would essentially be starting over each time.

I changed IPOD cables and it worked perfectly. I think I ran over the first cable with my chair. I hope this helps anyone who finds this note in the future.

Mac G5 dual core 2 Ghz 2gig ram, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Decklink Extreme PCIe card, G-RAID 1/2T drive
  • Chris Howe Level 1 (85 points)
    An 80gb classic BTW.
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    I've got the exact same problem. First of all, my wife's 80 gig classic wasn't playing back random songs on her ipod. Songs that were purchased on itunes, that should have zero issues. So I tried restoring her ipod, and now it won't finish syncing. It got to 3575 and got stuck... Tried a couple different times and it keeps getting stuck on different songs.

    I've got a 30 gig ipod video that syncs fine from the same library. Frustrating. The classic has been glitchy from the start. We already had to exchange it once when it didn't work right out of the box.

    No working solutions yet.
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    I have about 5000 files in my iTunes that I am trying to sync to my 80GB iPod Classic. I have updated to the latest iTunes 7.5 and my iPod is updated to 1.0.3.

    My ipod used to work fine but since updating to the new iTunes I am having huge problems. Basically iTunes will get stuck on certain files as though those files are corrupted and not allow me to sync. I can sometimes get 500 songs on, other times only 100 but eventually iTunes freezes and I need to restart the syncing process again. And before I do I need to shut down my computer because iTunes freezes on my Macbook Pro so badly everything is shot.

    If I restart my computer then start over again then I can begin syncing, but the same thing happens again.

    Here are some of the things I have figured out and done to try and fix this:
    • I have removed all of the songs (files) in iTunes that the program cannot find on my hard drive anymore.
    • I have restored my iPod back to factory settings. That has not solved the problem.
    • I removed my entire library and my iTunes from my computer-- reinstalled my itunes and then tried to reinstall my songs. When I did this, it wouldnt' reinstall all my music at once but would freeze randomly at some points as well, and so I had to do it bit by bit to get all my music on.
    - ITunes also decides it wants to scan my music for back to back playback-- when it does this, it always gets stuck on some random file... I have never had this problem before and I've had both my Macbook and my iPod for about a year almost now.
    - I don't think this has anything to do with corrupt files. The file that it is freezing on seems completely random (I have done this about 10-15 times) and sometimes it freezes sooner and sometimes it freezes later. I also checked to ensure the files are not corrupt; which they are not. I even deleted them from the list at first when I first had the problem.
    • I have set it to sync only checked songs then set only 30-50 songs at a time to transfer.. it still gets stuck.
    • I have tried manual syncing… same problem. It will freeze during the update.
    • I have tried different USB cables with no effect.
    • I have tried both of my front USB slots. I think they are both connected to the same place on the motherboard though. I have not tried the back USB ports.
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    since EVERYONE is having this problem,
    is there something wrong with iTunes or like all of the newer iPods?
    if one person gets this to start working could you please e-mail me at
    I'm desperate.
    and so lost without my ipod.

    is there any way to contact Apple through phone or email?
  • G.W. Lyster Level 1 (15 points)
    Same problem here on a 80G Classic. There are several "fixes" posted at various locales but none work. Apple needs to fix this.
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    My 80gb ipod classic does the same thing. it will start syncing and at about 1.33 gb of music gets put and then itunes freezes and my ipod gets stuck on the connected screen it is very frustrating.
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    That's exactly the same problem I have.

    I just bought a 120 gig classic yesterday, and it will sync about 90% and then just stop on some random song, different every time. If i reboot, or force quit iTunes or unplug the iPod, then the next time I sync, it will only get about 20% of the way before stalling indefinitely. Then, when I restore the iPod, it gets to 90% again.

    This is frustrating. How did they possibly mess this up? getting songs onto the ipod is the most important step in setting it up. If i don't have music on my ipod, why do I have an ipod?
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    I've been having the same problem, and to top it all off, when I tried to contact Apple, they tried to tell me that my product was out of warranty, when I bought it this past June, so it clearly is not. I'm not a happy camper. If anyone knows how to fix this, can you please e-mail me at penguingirl007@yahoo.com. Thanks.
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    I'd have chimed in on this 6 months ago but have been too busy. I have 2 80-Gb Classics, and multiple PC's & laptops at the house. One of the ipods started with this syncing issue about 7 months ago. Went through all the five R's, and all the other steps that everybody here has mentioned. I'm the systems engineer (PC) who will kill myself to solve a problem myself before calling for help, because that's the best way to learn, so I really jumped through a lot of additional hoops to narrow down exactly wherein lies the problem with this ipod.

    I believe that you'll agree that what I'm about to show proves Apple is in complete denial about this issue. After going through all the standard diagnostic steps on my "main" PC (trying to sync about 30GB of music), I've tried syncing the ipod with the issue to an additional Windows XP PC, a Windows XP laptop, and a friend's Mac notebook. The issue happens each and every time, randomly through the sync process, no matter which computer is doing the sync. As I tried it on each computer, I also tried swapping out the ipod cables. No change - sync locks up every time.

    So I pull out the other 80GB ipod that has no problem (my wife's), back it up, wipe it clean so that I'll be syncing the same 30GB dataset. No problem syncing on my "main" PC. Repeat the process, changing only the ipod cable. No problem, syncs fine. Repeat the process on the other PC and laptop (with the same 30GB dataset) just to reinforce my findings, works faultlessly every single time, with each ipod cable. I did not try it on the friend's Mac, since everything was fine every time at home.

    After all that, tried the "bad" ipod again - sync locks up every single time. With multiple versions of itunes tried, and multiple versions of ipod's software tried.

    Now you, the reader, can disagree with me here if you want, but at this point I believe I have proven definitely that there is a hardware problem with this ipod, and I will not consider otherwise, after all the steps I've taken to isolate the issue and rule out other variables.

    So I sent it in to Apple for warranty work. They sent it back saying they ran their diagnostics and nothing is wrong with it.

    Hey Apple - I ran your diagnostics (from itunes) too - they also said nothing was wrong with it. You know what's wrong with your diagnostics? You need to have a mode that allows the diagnostic to keep hammering the sync operation for a good long time - long enough to reproduce the error. All your diagnostics are proving is that initial communication is OK. No one is denying that initial communications are ok, otherwise the freaking sync wouldn't start! And considering the extremely detailed email I sent that initiated the whole tech support request, I'm inclined to think that your ipod tech's (or at least the one that evaluated mine) don't bother reading the complaint, or immediately assume that every customer is an idiot and therefore anything they say should be immediately discounted as such. Or maybe they're just mindless automatons reading from a list of problems/solutions and if it's not there, it's not real. Whatever. All I know is, I wasted my money on an extended warranty if this is the kind of support they provide.

    I'm wondering if I shouldn't take the good ipod and lock it in a hermetically sealed shrine, never using it again, just to reassure myself periodically that some of my money wasn't wasted..
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    This is exactly what happened to my 160 gb classic. I was certain it was the firmware or itunes 8.02 as the problems started after I upgraded. I didn't sync the ipod regularly because my entire library fit on the ipod.

    I noticed that it is not a number of songs that sync but a certain amount of data. For me, its about 5 gb.

    I deleted all the files on the ipod from windows explorer, ran check disk, scanned disk for errors, everything that you would do for hard drive errors.

    My suggestion to you is:
    Check in the Event Viewer (Sytem) in My Computer/Manage. Every time I sync, when I get to that particular amount of data, there is a corresponding Disk Error message that . .. Hard Drive 1 has a bad block.

    The ipod has a damaged Hard Drive. It is NOT itunes or the firmware.
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    my ipod does almost the same thing but it gets stuck between 1-2 gb. i have sent it in to get it fixed and when i got it back it did the same thing i then called tech support they had me doing all kinds of trouble shooting but nothing worked so the person said it might be hard ware issues with in the ipod because every time it resets it makes a lot of clicking noise and some times will restart its self after i connect it to my computer
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    Yeah, I have the same problem, of course. 80gb iPod, gets stuck after syncing 5 gb. I wonder, why did I get an 80 gb iPod if I can only use 5. Awesome, what can I say... 8-|