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How can I permanently save a voicemail from my iPhone? I recently found out they auto-delete after 30 days! Please help.

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    Are you sure?

    I have voice mails that date back to August. They are visual voice mail though.
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    if you delete a visual voice mail it goes into the deleted section and auto deletes after 30 days - if you dont push the delete button they will stay around forever (as far as i can tell0 - i have one going back to 9/2/2008
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    Messages not saved are deleted in 30 days. There is a limit of 40 messages at 4 minutes each that can be stored, http://www.wireless.att.com/answer-center/main.jsp?t=solutionTab&ft=&ps=solution Panels&locale=enUS&dyncharset=UTF-8&solutionId=KB80510
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    Despite at least one post to the contrary (see Note 3 of the General Visual Voicemail FAQs at Jim's link), there's no means available to consumer lines to retain visual voicemail on the iPhone.

    Not knowing why you're looking to keep the voicemail - personal or legal - services exist to either record or transcribe a voicemail, or talk with a local lawyer about how to proceed, although I've never dealt with legal issues that involved visual voicemail. I do have voicemail related to a legal issue I'm dealing with now, but on Verizon line for work I performed - the VM was recorded and transcribed for about $250.
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    I just spoke with AT&T, and you're right: you can't. There's no way to store voicemails on your iPhone longer than 30 days.

    This is too bad, I think. With the iPhone's storage capacity, you should have an option to save voicemails. Maybe it's a legal issue. In the meantime, I have been successful in recording voicemails using an audio line and recording software. Sort of a pain, but it's better than nothing.
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    i beg to differ but if you dont delete a visual voice mail it seems to stay around forever - i have one on my phone from 9/2/2008 - thats more than 30 days - once you delete it it fgoes into the delete setion and gets deleted after 30 days
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    Well I have a different problem. My entire voice mail, mailbox self deletes. One day they are all there, the next, nothing. I didn't do a thing but tap the voicemail icon. It has happened twice now. Please tell me it doesn't reach capacity and cleans itself out to make room.
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    You can.
    After reading many a thread. I was able to record and save voicemail from the iPhone cheaply and efficiently. You will need Quicktime Pro or some other audio recording program that uses/accesses your Mac's standard input. And you will need a Stereo Headphone Cable, 1/8" Jack to 1/8" Jack. (Dual Male stereo mini jacks). Go to Radio Shack... $15.00 or less.

    This works with the 3G iPhone (you will need a recessed headphone adaptor for the earlier iPhone).
    Connect your phone to your computer via the iPhone headphone out to the Audio line in of your Mac.

    If using Quicktime Pro, run the app, then:
    Preferences>Recording>Microphone>Built-In Line Input: Line in.
    In QT, File>New Audio Recording.
    In your System Preferences, Sound>Input>Line In> Have "Audio Line-In port" highlighted.
    iPhone-Play back your Voicemail.
    Sound Menu-Adjust your input volume until you see your Input Level meter registering the sound. iPhone-Adjust your headphone output volume until you see the input Level meter in QT stay just below the red peak. Play it back and make sure on average it stays above 50% but does not go into the red.

    "Rewind"/Reset your VM for playback.
    Hit Record (Red Button) in QT.
    Play VM.
    Stop when finished.

    QT will only name the file "Audio.mov" Use File>Save As and Rename the file and save it to an appropriate folder. Play back the file to make sure it's not distorted from to much gain on your input levels.

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    That's how you do it. Much simpler than it sounds... I just really spelled it out for everyone.

    Dear Apple... how about a tab in iTunes so you can save/access these files on your computer?
    Or a way to email them to ourselves/someone else via the playback/delete screen in the iPhone?
    What? No one at Apple wanted to save a voicemail before?

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    Your directions are EXCELLENT and they worked. I really appreciate you taking the time to spell it out step-by-step. It worked like a dream. Also, the purchase at Radio Sack was only $8.00.