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I have an ipod shuffle only a year old, that doesn't work anymore. I've looked at all the troubleshooting and support and nothing works. The light doesn't come on at all and it doesn't show up when I connect it to iTunes. Is it dead or is there something else I can do?

Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation, Windows XP
  • kbeartx Level 1 (115 points)
    You can take it to an Apple store and have a Genius look at it to see what's up.
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    Roughly the same here. Normally everything works fine, then one day it won't start.
    Plugged into any of the USB ports on any pc, the green light will flash once, then it remains off.
    Windows won't recognize it. iTunes won't recognize it. It doesn't show up in device manager even though all the USB controllers claim to work fine (and do work fine with random USB memory sticks). iPod reset utility can't detect it either.
    If I disconnect and try to turn it on, it will turn on almost immediately, but the green light never turns off. After flipping the switch to the off-position, it takes about 2 seconds to actually turn off. None of the buttons will do anything.

    I'm curious if anyone has seen this before. If there's a known cause, a permanent solution, or just some good recommendations. I'm thinking I'll hop down to the nearest apple store and have them poke at it.
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    we've just had our 1gig shuffle (well, my wife's shuffle) go through the _*washer & dryer*_ and it still works!! I wouldn't of thought anything would kill em off...
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    this might help......."hey ppl.....god has been kind...finally got thru the 1st step....formatted to FAT32 and now my pod shows 489MB......the catch was that the present reset softwares and itunes dont work at all...dunno why...used older version of reset utility....uninstalled all other versions of itunes,reset softwares etc. bfore that....and IT WORKED!!!!
    Heres the link....use it while it lasts.....http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/236423/apple-ipod-shuffle-reset-utility-1.0.1- windows-2000-xp-free-download.html