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kenomikasa Level 1 (5 points)
To keep this short...

Installed Norton Personal Firewall. Turns out it is not compatable with Intel Macs. I uninstalled Norton, removed it from the start-up items, but I cannot find a way to remove the Norton icon from the menu bar. Apple + drag does not work.

Any suggestions?

1.25 GHZ MDD, 13.3 MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • V.K. Level 9 (56,110 points)
    how did you uninstall the app? You must use the uninstaller to uninstall everything Norton puts on the system. I suspect norton added something to your login items and you can get rid of the menu icon by removing it from login items in system preferences->accounts. However, I would recommend you use the uninstaller to get rid of all traces of Norton.
  • nerowolfe Level 6 (13,065 points)
    Download and run this removal app

    Yes, as you discovered, Norton is a virus, both on Macs and PCs.
    There are free A/V apps such as ClamAV for Macs and AVG for PCs that work and cause no problems.
  • kenomikasa Level 1 (5 points)
    I used the un-installer from the disk, but it didn't remove everything. For example, I had to manually remove Norton from the start-up items and when ever I powered up my MacBook or did a re-start, I was faced with two prompts; one that said something about Norton and a kernel something or another and the other one that said something to the effect that Norton posed a security risk and that I should re-start the Mac. I searched the hard drive as best as I can and found a few other Norton files that I moved to the trash and since I trashed what I found I no longer receive the prompts when I boot. However, the Norton icon is still in the menu bar and I cannot find anything else 'Norton' on my HD.
  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)
    Try checking your /Library/Application Support/ folder for anything with "Symantec" "Norton" "NAV" or "SAV" in the title, and remove it. These names are also things you can search for on your system besides just "Norton".
  • V.K. Level 9 (56,110 points)
    hmm, This is strange. although talking about Norton, nothing surprises me too much. Did you check the login items as i told you? also use the link that nerowolfe provided.
  • nerowolfe Level 6 (13,065 points)
    V.K. wrote:
    hmm, This is strange. although talking about Norton, nothing surprises me too much.

    Norton does not know how to write software. I recently got a "free" update on a PC for Norton 360-2 which killed Ghost and made Ghost unremovable. On my other PC, a Norton update failed. I downloaded the Norton/Symantec uninstall tool and removed everything and anything Norton on both my machines and installed AVG-8, the free version.

    Norton's uninstall for an app does not remove everything. Only that app I linked to will remove all traces of the virus known as Norton.
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    V.K. wrote:
    hmm, This is strange. although talking about Norton, nothing surprises me too much.

    Norton Internet Security was the second worst software I ever used on my Mac. The worst was the Norton Internet Security uninstaller. I was still finding traces of Norton on my Mac years after I thought I had removed it all.
  • kenomikasa Level 1 (5 points)
    Nothing in login and I went to the link and downloaded what I thought would be the appropriate un-installer. When I opened the un-installer it opened in Text Edit and looked something like a bunch of crazy symbols.

    I used the un-installer that came with disk and after I hit un-install, I got a message that just read "error" over and over, but the icon in the menu bar was gone. However, the next time that I started the MacBook I was greeted with a prompt that I installed software that could pose a security risk and that I should re-start the computer. I did eventually re-start and the icon is now back in the menu bar which I believe would indicate the Norton is still on my MacBook...somewhere.....what the heck!?
  • nerowolfe Level 6 (13,065 points)
    The uninstall program on the Norton disk is useless. You have to use the uninstall app for which I provided a link.

    When you downloaded the Norton/Symantec removal file, it should have been a .zip file which should open by clicking on it, maybe a double click? You apparently have assigned the default app to open a zip file as TextEdit.app which is wrong.
    If the file you downloaded was not a zip then download it again, being sure to select the correct one.

    Take the download .zip file and right-click it and select Open With and if the app, Archive Utility.app does not appear as the default, then I am not sure how to restore it, since it does not show up in the "Other" browser.
  • steveald Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes! Thank you. That Terminal app did the trick. I could find no presence of Symantec anything on my drive, but that menu bar icon was still there. This system had been on a G5 iMac and upgrading to my new MBP apparently confused the installed Norton. But it's all good now. Thanks again.