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Upon installing iTunes the following message box, with caption "iTunes Setup Assistant Warning!" was displayed:

"iTunes was not properly installed. If you wish to import or burn CDs, you need to reinstall iTunes."

Three attempts to reinstall were performed -- all to no avail. The last attempt included removing QuickTime, iTunes (from the previous install), and a prior version of Bonjour using Add/Remove programs, followed by running Ccleaner and then defragmenting the C: drive -- all before running a clean install of iTunes + QuickTime from the Apple download Web site.

The CD/DVD diagnostic from iTunes failed with the following message:

"Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
IBM 237372U
QuickTime 7.5.5
FairPlay 1.1.11
CD Driver Not Available
CD Driver DLL Not Available
Apple Mobile Device
Bonjour (118.5)

iTunes Serial Number B942726652CF676C

Current user is an administrator.
The current local date and time is 2008-12-14 00:02:31.
iTunes is not running in safe mode.

Video Display Information


** External Plug-ins Information **

No external plug-ins installed.

** CD/DVD Drive Tests **

LowerFilters: PxHelp20 (, drvmcdb (, sscdbhk5 (,
No drivers in UpperFilters.
Failed loading CD / DVD drives, error -43. Try doing a repair install on iTunes from the “Add or Remove Programs” control panel."

A repair install was attempted and failed with the same warning message.

From the properties menu (right click on D: drive), the drive name is "TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R9012" and the drive type is "DVD/CD-ROM drives". At the "Device Status:" line in the properties window it says "This device is working properly."

Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? Some help, or clues, would be appreciated ....


ThinkPad T40, Windows XP Pro, SP3