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Hello folks,

I'm interested in how to change the page layout from normal A4 to landscape A4 in Pages 08 without affecting the rest of the pages?

For example in Word you had the ability to set the style (landscape) only to that page or the entire section. I can't find smth similar in Pages. When i go in the document inspector and change the page setup it changes all the pages, but all i need is one page or two not the entire document.

Andrei D.

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    Apple is not a photocopier so if you want every features available in Word, use it or a clone

    There is no provision to do what you want.
    The page orientation is a global document property.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE dimanche 14 décembre 2008 15:49:44)
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    I'm not saying it is. LOL

    I just compared it to other word processors to make myself clear on what i'm asking. Since this is not really a MS feature or directly a word feature that has patents on it, i think this is really useful. As is the function of autosave.

    Now i know Pages doesn't have them. And before you point me out to the feedback Pages web link i just wanted to say that if a car (let's say BMW) has electric windows and electric seats that doesn't mean Mercedes is copying BMW if it also provides electric seats and electric windows to their customers. It's just common sense.

    PS: And please don't bring the price in the argument. Cuz for 0 Euros or $ you can get nothing. Soooo.... :))

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    For example in Word you had the ability to set the style (landscape) only to that page or the entire section.

    Supported in Mac OS 7.5 in the QuickDraw Graphics Extension. Not supported in Mac OS X 10.0 and up.

    Workaround: Design two documents, one in default vertical format and one in the non-default horisontal format. Save both documents to disk as PDF, open the default format PDF and insert the non-default horisontal format pages between the default format vertical pages. Resave the merged PDF document disk. Rub is to remember the page numbering for the two documents.

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    Thanks! I was thinking to combine the PDFs.It seems that if i wanna stick to Pages i have to break what should be a normal document into a gazillion pieces and files and then have to work on other document to put them all together again. As i said this is not something to look away for. It should be quite a basic feature, after all that's what Mac is about right?

    Timesaving features, easy to use, and reliable. iWork 08 lacking stuff like this and autosave don't just get heavily penalized on the exact things they promote but really make you think otherwise. I wonder if it was so hard to implement them!?!

    Thanks anyway, problem solved with a workaround
    That's not the Mac way...or should not be.
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    You may perfectly create a single document.
    For Pages which must be in landscape format, insert a text block and rotate it.

    Print pages in portrait mode in one or several PDFs
    Print pages in landscape mode in one or several PDFs

    Use the program assembling the PDFs to adjust the orientation to fit your needs.

    My guess is that this kind of feature is not matching the needs of the target customers.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE dimanche 14 décembre 2008 17:59:01)