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I recently re-formatted my Windows Vista PC, and after purchasing some music on iTunes version 8.0.2, I attempted to add these new songs to my iPhone 3G. iTunes will no longer allow me to drag and drop files to my iPhone. When I tried to check the box for ‘Manually manage music and videos’, I get this message:

“The iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this library?”

Ummm NO! I don’t want to lose 6 GB of music I have on my iPhone! Please tell me there is a way to add new content without erasing everything on my iPhone!

Thank you in advance.

Sony Vaio, Windows Vista
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    The message you get is expected as you redid the OS and iTunes sees the iPhone as a new device that has never communicate with this library as the library is new. Perform following steps below. It should get all your content that is iTunes Store purchased content back into iTunes.

    Keep in mind you may still need to erase and sync but if a majority of your content is back into iTunes then it will be synced back.

    If the songs that did not sync back to iTunes are from CDs, you will need to import CDs back into iTunes to build collection again.

    Step 1: authorize new PC aka the re-formatted pc

    About iTunes Store authorization and deauthorization

    Step 2: Transfer purchases from iPod into iTunes

    Copying iTunes Store purchases from your iPod or iPhone to a computer
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    Hi Andrew, and thank you for taking the time to answer my question

    Indeed, I did authorize the account immediately, and I am aware that I am able to import the purchased songs back on to the PC. Unfortunately, 85% of the music I have on my iPhone, I ripped from CD's I own.

    My iTunes/iPhone rant:
    I understand this is Apples way of curbing piracy, but at a cost of making honest, paying customers deal with the consequences. The idea of erasing everything on my iPhone to add a few new songs is a ridiculous waste of my time. iTunes is the sole reason I refuse to purchase a Mac. iTunes is by far the most buggy, irritating and restrictive software on my PC.