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Is there another way to reboot a Time Capsule other than the 'restart' option from the AirPort Utility?

Is there command line access to the Time Capsule so I "manually" shut it down? I'm having issues with connecting to my Time Capsule, it simply won't connect. I can ping my TC, but that's it.

The Airport Utility can find the Time Capsule, but when I attempt a 'Manual Setup', it just hangs there... I had an issue with an external HDD connected to it so I figure I would reboot.

I've found updates for the Time Capsule to be lacking and infrequent and not much development seems to be going towards it. Is that the same concensus around here?

MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 4GB RAM
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    When I have to do a reset out of the utility I poke the rest hole on the TC. #-5 seconds will reset the TC. But be careful, at about 20 seconds it will erase the settings of the TC.

    I have not had locked TC in quite some time. I basically flipped the TC over and pulled the rubber pad off it exposeing the 200 or so vent holes. I leave it up side down. I have not had a frozen TC problem since and the thing runs cooler.

    If you rip the pad off you are probally voiding your warranty so proceed with caution.