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    Hi I also bank with HSBC, same problem. There is now a message regarding this issue on HSBC's page. They say thay are working on a fix. The person who banks with First Direct, all part of HSBC so probably the same webpage. Anyone tried to access BBC iPlayer. This doesn't seem to work in Safari anymore but fine on Firefox. Another update problem or just my staggeringly slow internet connection again?
  • NavyFlyer Level 1 (0 points)
    Sorry, false alarm, iPlayer works fine. Just my slow connection. My fault for living in a lane miles from a phone exchange
  • rkettridge Level 1 (10 points)
    IPlayer did stop working for a day or so after the update, at least on my machine too. Appears to be fixed now though.
  • sapper Level 1 (70 points)
    Hi Diamondtron,
    I don't have a problem with my HSBC UK connection (yet) but as Klaus 1 says:

    Apple need to do nothing of the kind.

    Many banks rely on the majority of their users using IE (the biggest security risk on the market) and don't use the proper industry standards to program their web site, which are the accepted industry standards used by Apple for Safari.

    For what it's worth, I also get a good connection with Lloyds/TSB, although I haven't tried my connection with Nationwide lately.
  • sapper Level 1 (70 points)
    Hi romad,
    My thoughts are, that it's more of an HSBC issue and, since I am not using Leopard, I don't think it's an Apple problem.
    As Klaus 1 stated, HSBc are not using industry standard software/protocols to resolve the problem.

    However, as you rightly observed, it could be a Safari problem, which I doubt because it's mostly down to the Safari vs Internet Explorer thing.

    If Microsoft aren't using industry standard software/protocols, and given the recent media coverage of IE, then I also suspect that the website designers (of the various banking cognoscenti) might also be at fault for not recognising Safari as a superior web browser.
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    Does anyone know any more on this? I Still can't login to my HSBC internet banking from safari on numerous machines, it takes me back to the home-page with broken images.

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    It's now nearly 3 weeks and no update or fix available from Apple or HSBC uk. Very annoying !. Any other online banking services affected ?

    Please apple do something. I don't really want to install Firefox......

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    it's hard to say who's problem it is to resolve, i would have thought it is HSBC's. Every other site works perfectly for me except HSBC and it's sister companies.

    There sounds like there is a couple of banks in the US that are not working, maybe they are using similar software of some sort, i know that other UK based banks are working ok.

    And every other site that requires secure log-on for me is working perfectly fine with safari.
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    I have the same issue with both First Direct and HSBC (I know FD is under the HSBC umberella) but safari works fine with barclays. However - it was all fine before the latest update. Why don't apple release a statement on this? It appears that a lot of customers are affected and surely apple and the banks should be working together to stop us all being inconvenienced in this way - otherwise we'll be switching banks or back to PC. I'm new to mac, and i've had nothing but issues since i switched. THis is just another annoyance as far as i'm concerned. Apparently I can use Firefox but my mac doesn't appear to have firefox - and if i install it do i then have to reconfigure the wireless set up and switch back every time i go back to safari? Please could someone offer some help on this? Many thanks
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    You're not alone in finding the current HSBC/Safari issue a right royal pain.

    As you've discovered, HSBC internet banking service will work with FireFox on OSX. You can run have safari & FireFox installed concurrently and use them concurrently quite happily. I have FireFox installed on my macs solely to access HSBC at the moment and continue using Safari for everything else. You won't need to ammend any wireless settings or switch anything to do this.

    First of all download and install FireFox from

    This will drop the FireFox application into your Applications folder. Next, open Finder and browse to your Applications folder. Locate firefox and drag it onto your dock. You can now fire up FireFox from the dock in the same manner you can Safari. Note that you can use Safari & FireFox at the same time and that you won't need to switch or reconfigure anything to do this.

    Let us know how you get on and if you run into any problems.

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    Many thanks for that Coffeeslurper - I'll give that a go and hopefully it'll make the whole issue much less of a hassle!
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    Hi d1ane,
    To reiterate Klaus1's earlier posting which reads thus:

    Apple need to do nothing of the kind.

    Many banks rely on the majority of their users using IE (the biggest security risk on the market) and don't use the proper industry standards to program their web site, which are the accepted industry standards used by Apple for Safari.

    One of my banks does, for the other I have to use Firefox. No big deal, but a strongly worded letter of complaint to the bank might prompt them into not being so stupid!

    I've also noticed that most of the posters in this thread are using Leopard, which neither Klaus1 nor myself are, which tends to indicate that it COULD actually be a problem with Leopard and Safari 3.2.1

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    Amazing!! HSBC say they are "working hard to resolve the problem" and Apple don't seem to want to care or comment. Two of the biggest players in their respective sectors, both say a lot about caring for their customers but then bury their heads when something goes wrong. I really don't care who's fault it is I just want the problem to be solved and although I have Firefox on my iMac I don't particularly want to put it on my MacBook. I know that if I kept my customers waiting for a month whilst showing no interest in fixing a problem they were having I would be out of business.

    The latest (15:00 on 16/01/09) from HSBC's On-line (or not On-line with Safari) Help Desk is they have no idea of time scale for solving the issue and the impression I got was they (politely expressed) didn't frankly care and couldn't help. Nice way to treat your personal and business customer of 40+ years!!! Cynic I am but that's typically what a bank does, ignore its problems but will crucify a customers if something goes wrong for them.

    Anyone got an Apple contact number to try?
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    Just got this reply from HSBC:-

    "This is with regard to your query about being unable to access your internet banking accounts using the Safari browser.

    As per the latest update, ?Apple? has been able to diagnose the cause of the problem. They are working to fix the issue at the earliest. Unfortunately, ?Apple? has not provided us any timeframe. We apologize for the inconvenience caused in the interim. Alternatively, please use the Mozilla Firefox browser to log in to HSBC accounts at your discretion."

    So it's Apple's fault - or so they say - so come on Apple and sort out what you changed that stopped their website working. After all you are the experts.