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    was the problem of
    "Safari is not passing secure cookies back to the server through https as it is supposed to."
    ever looked at? I am waiting for this fix for a long time now, as my Dashboard widget does not work without it.

    To elaborate,
    the call
    request.setRequestHeader("Cookie", requestCookieString);
    does not work as expected.

    There must be something you could do, plz. My users are complaining that i'm a bad developer, with a widget which doesn;t work, lol. It's quite sad, that I have to wait so long , to be able to offer them a fix.


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    Yes, this same setup worked prior to 10.5.6 then suddenly the logouts started after that update. The material on my Web clips is simple static content, but from the same server. It is designed to be viewed by anyone, safely, including both logged in users and logged out users. We're talking images and simple text pages.
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    I have this same problem - trying to access my Yahoo Business Mail. Like many others, I suspect that this is a cookie problem. I have determined that the problem is not specific to different version of Safari (I have tested various version of Safari 3, and Safari 4 on several computers). The only common thread in the problem is Leopard - probably post 10.5.6 versions of leopard (my leopard computers are running 10.5.7). For the sake of my experiment, I deleted all cookies on my Tiger computer, and on my Leopard computer. I then tried to sign into Yahoo Business mail, and observed the cookies that were created. On the leopard computer, the cookies for my business mail were not created, but they were created on the Tiger Computer. My conclusion, like many others, is that this is a cookie issue.

    Safari is my favorite browser. There are too many features that I like to give up this browser. I've tried Google Chrome, FireFox, IE (via vmfusion), Camino, and Safari rules them for many reasons - so this is an important issue to me, since I'm now forced to use Firefox for mail, and Safari for everything else.

    I noticed that when you go to download Safari from the Apple website, you can choose between the Tiger Version, and the Leopard version - so my suspicion is that there is something wrong with the cookie handling on the Leopard version. I don't have time to do this at the moment, but I'm thinking about making an applescript that will "fake" the necessary businessmail cookie. Optimally, Apple would address this issue, considering that it clearly affects a range of users. If Apple wants to continue to increase market share, I think it would be important for people to be able to use the native browser to easily view popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! Business mail.

    I will post again if I develop a workaround.
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