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I am annoyed that every time I open Safari I get an error message that says "certificate not valid" and no matter how many times I tell Safari for OSX to always trust the certificate, it always reappears! I even click on the drop-down arrow and choose "always trust" three more times and at the top of the message (a total of 4 times every time I get this message) and it never works. I resetted Safari and then tried again, but it still reappears. Then I try several times without resetting Safari and it still appears. This is the website I want to be my home page: https://mycast.orb.com/orb/html/login.html This problem suddenly occured after I installed the OSX 10.5.6 update to my OSX 10.5.5 operating system on my Macbook.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

MacBook Duo Core 2ghz black, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 2 gb ram
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    Best place to deal with these issues is within Keychain Access found in your Utilities folder.

    Open up the Utility. Then click on Certificates, or my certificates category. Double click the certificate in question. After the panel opens, click on the triangle next to "Trust". Change the drop down from System to "Always Trust".

    Next, go to the Keychains Menu>Keychain First Aid. Select "repair". If any errors appear, rerun until you get a clean pass.

    Restart Safari and try the site again.