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I am pleased to receive emailed marketing from:


However, it is being sent to the wrong address, and the system for changing it does not work!

At the bottom of every email message it says:

+"If you would prefer not to receive future email from Apple, or if you've changed your email address, click here."+

When I do, an //insideapple.apple.com/updateacct/ web page tells me:

+"The address at which you've chosen to receive product news and other commercial messages from Apple is: userid@ispname.com"+

The web page also says:

+"Send email to me at a different address"+

and if I click on this link it forwards me to //myinfo.apple.com/

where I can log in and see that the email address at which I have asked to be contacted is: username@googlemail.com

Note the difference!

However, Apple marketing emails are sent to userid@ispname.com.

There is no obvious way of changing this. Is the email marketing database broken?

Needless to say that filling in web forms pointing out the above problem produces no response.

Can anyone please help? Apple's email marketing database is NOT using the information held in //myinfo.apple.com/, despite what it says on the bottom of each email. Where can the email marketing database be changed?


Intel Core Duo iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10
    This works when iTunes Store receipts are being sent to the wrong place, so it's worth a try for your situation, using of course the applicable Apple ID. Hope it helps.

  • MarsExpress Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the effort, Dave.

    I have been through the process of changing my email addresss on myinfo.apple.com, and then changing it back to the correct address, several times, but to no avail.

    //insideapple.apple.com/updateacct/ never waivers in its determination to deliver emails to the wrong address. And just by (bad) luck, Apple Marketing have just now delivered another email to the wrong address, confirming that the "solution" published by Apple, does not work.

    Neither do they respond to completed web forms pointing out this problem.

    It is, of course, illegal for a Company to fail provide the means whereby a member of the public can unsubscribe or change email addresses.

    No Cheers.
  • richr1 Level 1 Level 1
    I am getting exactly the same problem.

    The only thing is, it's got to the stage where I just want to unsubscribe now... and every time apple send me their spam emails, I click unsubscribe, and their system thanks me and confirms that I've been unsubscribed (yes, and mentions the email address in question, with no typos or spelling errors)... and then within a few days, what do I get? Another Apple marketing email.

    I've contacted them about the problem, but if it continues I'll be looking to take it further.