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a couple days ago my iPod nano (second gen.) fell into the toilet, it barley works now, i can still play songs but the "skip right" button on the click wheel doesn't work and i can't scroll with the click whell. I've tried reseting it (menu and select button) but that doesn't even work. And when i put it on the docking station it charged but when i took it off it said it was still charging... help!
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    Your best bet would have been to put it in a cool, dry place for 5 - 7 days and let it thoroughly dry and not charge it since water and electricity do not mix.

    If you are in the US you can try sending it to http://www.iresq.com and see how much they will charge you to repair it or Google for other 3rd party repair sites.
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    After it fell in the toilet my Dad said to get a fan and a blow dryer, he told me to dry it off as best as i can, then he told me to set it upsidedown overnight so the moisture would kinda rise out of the ipod, it's actually sitting rice right now, my Dad said that it would help absorb more moisture...
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    The fan and blow dryer were also a bad idea, this just forces the water farther into the iPod causing more damage. As long as it is raw rice, and you placed the raw rice and iPod into a baggie it might dry the iPod a bit faster, say 3 - 5 days rather than 5 - 7, but be sure to carefully clean out any residue of the rice from the dock connector and the headphone jack.

    Your battery will be dead after this, if it isn't already shorted out. When it is done drying connect it to power (wall charger is best for this) and let it charge for at least 30 minutes, and while it is still connected to power, Reset it (with the hold switch off, i.e. no orange showing, hold down the menu and center buttons for 6 seconds. You may have to do this several times, if it revives fully charge it then Restore it in iTunes and Resync.

    If you are still having problems after this, use the link I provided and get it repaired.
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    The whole idea of the blow dryer was to heat the ipod up so the water would turn into a vapor, not to push the water in further.

    And what do I use to clean out any residue from the dock connector and the headphone jack?
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    Did you have the dryer on a heated setting? That will also cause damage internally to the iPod, while also pushing the water further into the device.

    The easiest way to to gently blow on the headphone jack and connector, and use a lint-free cloth to clean the connector.
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    That's unfourtonate because I had it on a heated setting. I guess I'll just have to leave it in the rice. How long? 3 - 5 days?