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hi guys - new to Mac's so be patient -

I've updated my system from 10.5.5 to the latest 10.5.6 - no problems yet -

how do I make a copy, on disc - that I can use in future, to restore the "new" system, if need be - as I would, using the 10.5.5 system disc that originally came with my laptop -

without this, I assume I would have to use the original 10.5.5 disc, then download the 10.5.6 update again - seems a long way around

I don't want to insert the original 10.5.5 disc and start messing around incase I do any damage to it - I would rather have some info first

thanks for your help

p.s. a great bit of kit - won't be going back over to the other side

Late 2008 Macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)