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I've been reading through the craziness people have to deal with after applying 10.5.6. But I'm one of those people who can't even download it. Every updater comes out truncated. The Software Update download comes out around anywhere from 70 to 200 MB, and then of course you get the whole "Configuring Installation" hang. But what's really annoying is I've tried to download both the Delta and Combo updaters from here and they keep truncating too! The Combo maxed out at 150-200 MB before stopping, the delta about the same. Then they announce to the system that they're complete disk images which of course they are not.

Most frustrating was just now. I thought I'd be cagey and pause/restart the download. I was doing fine, got to 475 MB on the Combo, and then all of a sudden Safari said "Connection timeout" and stopped downloading. (This time it did not think it was a complete .dmg.) I hit resume, and it started from the beginning. 1K ... 10K ... 200K ...

I already wrote Apple a complaint via their hard-to-find email form, but I'm putting this out there for documentation purposes. As far as I know, my ISP doesn't have any caps; downloading other large files, such as iTunes movies, goes fine at good speeds.

I'm installing on a clean, virgin late 2008 MacBook (aluminum) freshly erased-and-installed from its installer DVD. Not a single third-party application on it.

MacBook (aluminum 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.5), not fond of sisyphean tasks
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    Update: I finally managed it. Don't know if Apple's servers changed something or it was just me, but what I did was used Software Update's Download Only option, and then PAUSED every 100MB or so, waited a bit, and resumed. Either way, it got me past the 175MB and 209MB marks where the package kept truncating, and I installed it using Installer and not Software Update. I am now running 10.5.6 and am expecting shenanigans. But hopefully if anyone has the same download trouble this could be helpful.