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For the past couple of days when I've tried to sync my iPod, I've been getting a message "cannot connect to iTunes Store. Check your network connection and try again." Network connection checked. Even ran iTunes diagnostics to confirm that my iTunes was on the net. Passed with flying colors--even said that my iTunes was connected to the Store! But when I tried to connect, got the same message the first time, then on the second click received "unknown error in iTunes store 11222." I need some help here, or the iTune Store techs need to fix a problem. . .

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    Ok, resolved the issue. Others may want to check this out. Of all things, the problem turned out to be in MS Explorer. Under the "connections" tab in "internet options", there is a LAN settings button, which when clicked allows the user to set a proxy server. I had done this a couple of weeks ago. Apparently iTunes gets stuck with the proxy settings in Explorer. I removed the proxy server, and voila! Problem solved!
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    I got my daughter a brand new Ipod today and was forced to download ITunes V8, and ran into this error. I have spent the better part of christmas trying to get this to work without luck. I have renamed the host file, cleared dns, updated my firewall to assure that itunes is clear to communicate, assured that I don't have proxy server set, etc. I had Version 7 and never had any problems. This thing doesn't do me much good if I cannot purchase music, and it seems this problem has been going on for a while since I see posting from October. I can access any website that I want outside the Itunes application, so it isn't my web connection....any thoughts.
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    okay i was buying "Death Race" and "Wanted" the movies but it said there was an error 450 and wouldnt even start downloading andbody got some advice
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    Anyone come up with an answer? My LAN settings aren't set either and I've got the message for days. It's starting to really get annoying.........
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    Good tip... What if you are now using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer?