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This website keeps popping up www.onlinevirusbuster.com. It seems to do it most when I am on comcast.com. I am using safari. I've tried cleaning cache and it keeps coming. I want to block it permanently. I have ClamXav and ran it a day ago and nothing was found. I am running it now. Any tips? Are there any websites like spychecker.com for apple macbook?

Thanks for your help.

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    In all likelyhood, it's a pop up ad window. You should make sure that "Block Pop-Up windows" is checked in the Safari menu, assuming you're using Safari.

    Even if it is, though, there are methods that HTML coders can use that circumvent this and allow it to pop up anyway.

    There are currently no known viruses that affect OS X. I wouldn't worry about that. The few pieces of malware that do exist require multiple steps including entering your administrator password to infect you so I wouldn't worry about that either.

    If you can definitely isolate which site is causing these, you might do as I have, which is write to them or call them and tell them that until they stop accepting advertising from scammers like this, you'll stop doing business with them.
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    Thank you! I ran a virus scan and nothing came up. I do have pop-up blocker enabled on Safari but it was still coming up. I am running macscan and so far it has stopped popping up. I haven't engaged it so that makes me feel better to know that I would probably have to engage it to cause harm. I will contact Comcast if it keeps happening. It seems to only happen with their pages.
    Thanks for the advice!
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    Now it is getting worse. It is taking over safari demanding I click ok or cancel interrupting what I am doing. I don't press anything because I know even pressing cancel can activate something. So I force quit safari. I like using safari but I can't use it anymore till I fix this. It is annoying. Isn't there a way to specifically block a page? I am looking but I am not great technically :-P.Thanks for your ideas.
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    Because new annoying thing is happening. Help!
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    Don't stress over it. In all likelyhood, if it is something malicious, it's targeted at windows and the worst side effect you might see would be Safari trying to download an .exe file to your downloads folder. These won't even execute on OS X.

    There are ways to block it if you can find out the source. Whatever ad server it's coming from. The easiest is probably to blacklist the domain on your router.

    Easier is to just avoid going to that page.

    One of my local TV news stations sells ad space to these types of companies. I wrote the management, stopped using their web site and decided to boycott their station. Also notified the network of my feelings about their selling to these types of disreputable advertisers. Apparently they got enough complaints that they issued an apology and stopped doing business with the company serving up the ads.

    This is just life in the big city... it's like trying to avoid driving down highways where your children might see signs for adult video stores.... **** near impossible.
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    Now this onlinevirusbuster.com is popping up in firefox so I know it's not a safari thing. I've looked through my downloads and see nothing out of the ordinary. I am running macscan but only the demo and will but the full mode on Tuesday. I am getting tired of this spy page commandeering my web pages as I am surfing. Thanks for the advice past and present.
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    I am able to see that it also goes by the name of freescan. I can't find a file named freescan or onlinevirusbuster.com on my laptop.
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    After looking up old post this is what I think I have going on "There are web site ads that do this as a way to try to get you to buy software. If this was a pop-up window in your web browser, it doesn't mean that you have the mentioned viruses/trojans. It means they're trying to make you think you do in order to get you to purchase their software." However, I have blocked pop-up windows on both safari and firefox. Yet this ad keeps commandeering my page the I am on. That's why I need extra help. Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays!!!
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    Try resetting Safari via the Safari menu -> Reset Safari.

    Firefox has a similar feature if that appears to do the trick for Safari.
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    Try using Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on installed.
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    However, I have blocked pop-up windows on both safari and firefox. Yet this ad keeps commandeering my page the I am on. That's why I need extra help.

    Web advertising has found more than one way to create new browser windows on your screen that look just like pop-ups (or pop-unders).

    Flash is one of the more frequenly used.

    In Firefox I use the Flashblock plug-in and it does an amazing job of stoping Flash from auto-running. This means Flash based pop-ups do not start, and as an added bonus, web pages with some really nasty animated ads are much less distracting. When you want to run a Flash (like you are over at YouTube), you just click on the Triangle.

    I also use the Firefox Adblock plug-in.

    To get Firefox plug-ins, use Firefox -> Tools -> Add-on -> Get Add-ons, and search for Adblock and Flashblock.

    While I've never used PithHelmet, I understand it can do similar things for Safari
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    Thanks guys for helping! I think that this will solve this issue for me. I am so thankful! Happy Holidays!!!
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    BobHarris wrote:
    While I've never used PithHelmet, I understand it can do similar things for Safari

    Just remember you've installed things like this.

    Not remembering is the number one reason people complain about Safari crashing or otherwise "misbehaving" when there is a Mac OS X/Safari update.

    Apps like PithHelmet use completely undocumented interfaces and thus break with most every software update.