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I have a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L sedan with navigation. I have successfully paired an iPhone 3G with the car. Calls made from the car [saying "Dial" and reciting a number] works fine. Answering calls work fine. However, calls initiated from the iPhone itself works sporadically, at best. When I initiate a call from the phone [either from my contacts or dialing a number] it always selects "HandsFree Link" as it should, since it is paired. However, I get no audio. Switching back and forth between the different audio sources does nothing. Once the call is connected, even though "HandsFree Link" is selected, I get no audio, but (sometimes) when I switch to "iPhone" and back to "HandsFree Link" I will get audio. Needless to say, this is not a very "HandsFree Link" since I have to constantly be looking down at my phone to try to figure out if the call is connected, which audio source I should try to switch between, etc...

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I am running software 2.2 on the iPhone 3G.

My questions are:

1) Has anyone gotten an iPhone 3G to work properly with the Honda's Bluetooth system?

2) If so, what did you do besides just pair the phone like I did?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Also, at Honda's website ( http://automobiles.honda.com/handsfreelink/find-a-phone.aspx?ModelName=Accord%20 Sedan&ModelYear=2009&Manufacturer=Apple&Carrier= ), they mention the iPhone 3G as being compatible with most of the features of the HandsFree Link, but in my experience so far, performance is spotty at best. What has everyone else's experiences been?
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    To my surprise I have also discovered the exact same issue with the integration of the iPhone and the factory installed Honda Bluetooth hands-free system. It appears that the Honda software does not recognize an iPhone initiated hands-free session. It is my understanding that the manufacturer of the Honda entertainment system is Alpine. Honda also has a toll-free number to call regarding the hands-free operation. You can consult the owner's manual. You would think that Apple would take pains to ensure that the Honda factory installed system works with the iPhone particularly since there are large numbers of Honda owners that are also Macintosh fans.

    I have also noticed that voicemail audio playback cannot be fed through the Honda system from the iPhone.

    The whole idea of a good hands-free system is to provide reliability and a measure of safety when operating a cell phone while driving. Unfortunately the combination of the iPhone and the Honda factory installed hands-free Bluetooth system make for an unsafe and potentially accident prone situation. Apple and Honda work closely on integrating iPod cables with Honda's factory installed entertainment system. For safety's sake they should endeavor to do the same for the Bluetooth iPhone integration.
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    Alpine does make the navigation system for Honda; I would assume that they also do the entertainment and hands free stuff as well.

    While Honda's website says that caller ID should work with the iPhone 3G and the Honda hands free system, I have never seen caller ID work properly, either for outgoing to incoming calls.

    What I have resorted to is initiating the call from the iPhone, then ending the call immediately. I then hit the phone button on the steering wheel and tell the system to redial. That will route the audio properly to the hands free system, since it is now initiated from the car.

    The other MAJOR issue I have noticed is that people regularly complain that I sound very far away when I use the hands free system in my Honda. They say it's worse than just being on speakerphone. Has anyone else heard or experienced similar complaints? I'm not sure if it's my car or if it's the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, I don't have any other Bluetooth phones to test with my car.
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    I just spoke to the Honda Handsfree Support center and they infom me that Johnson Controls makes the HFL for this car. They are very helpful. They said a privacy feature automatically blocks iPhone initiated calls requring you to press the HFL call button and say "transfer" to switch to the HFL. I'm going to try it! Call 888-528-7876 for support.
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    Any luck? I think I had read about this a while back and I tried it with my car, but because the iPhone is connected to the car [it automatically pairs when I turn my car on], the iPhone outputs the audio to the car initially, so when I say "transfer" it transfers the audio to the iPhone, so then I have to say "transfer" again. From what I remember, I could still never get it to work correctly. Perhaps I was doing something wrong; I hope you have better luck! Let me know how it goes for you.
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    Did they tell you how to transfer the iPhone's phonebook to the Accord's HFL?
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    or how to get the Caller ID to work at all?
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    Getting ready to buy a new car and spent the past week checking out the Navigation system in the Honda line via test driving different models. The best Honda NAV system is NOT on their top of the line Accord, I was stunned that it is found on its mid-level Honda Civic w/ Navigation. That system carries a fantastic, fully functional touch screen. Connectivity is through a USB direct connection to the iPhone. It gives full access the the iPod album, artist and song list on the Nav screen, and immediate interface between the 3G and the car. It is amazing! Great clarity. People tell me it sounds like I was speaking on a phone and not in a car! I was so impressed I thought about buying the car just for its unbelievable connectivity. But Honda has discontinued the Civic Hybrid for the new Honda Insight Hybrid being released in July. One would hope that Honda would put the Civic Hybrid Nav system in the new insight and also into the new 2010 Accord due out in July. It is unfortunate that the top of the line $29K 2009 Accords have an older gen nav than the mid-level Civic. When I bluetoothed into the Accord its clunky and ineffective connection was apparent when compared to the USB direct connection of the Civic Nav. If anyone at Honda reads this post then be sure to allow all these Accord buyers an upgrade to the Civic Nav system with USB interconnect. You folks are gonna love it.