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I just "migrated" to a new MB. Authorized my iTunes under my same-as-ever Apple ID... all my music is there but purchased songs bring up the message that I need to be authorized to play the song. I go to (re)authorize (either via the password or from the authorize computer option in the toolbar) and it becomes an endless loop. Computer says it's authorized, songs say I need to be authorized to play the song. Ad infinitum.

Was on the phone for 2 hours with AppleCare yesterday and they have some special team working on it, so I'm just throwing it out there in case anyone else can shed some light. The migration was almost perfect... except for the weird GMT/localtime hangup and this. This is much more irritating to say the least!

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I can't shed any light on the subject (so this is one of those "why'd you post" posts), but I am experiencing the same thing. You're not alone! If you do get assistance, it'd be helpful to at least one other if you post it here.
    Good luck!
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    Have you by chance used more than 1 apple id to purchase your music? If so, then the computer needs to be authorized for all the ids you have used. I used 2 so I authorized mine for both.

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    Unfortunately, no, that isn't the case.
    Not sure that this sheds any light, but all the songs that won't play were purchased via iTunes on another computer, but that computer as well as the one I'm on now were already authorized with iTunes (I've only used 2 of my 5 options).
    Just as an aside, this is the only/MAJOR downside of using iTunes. Regardless of how protective and big brother they want to be, in the end I purchased the music so it's mine. Let me be a big boy and protect it as I see fit. This is extremely frustrating.
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    That isn't the issue either. I have my music on 3 computers and and they work on all the computers. All I had to do was authorize all the computers and everything worked. You seem to be having another problem somewhere.

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    Hi Seehad,

    Have you contacted the RIAA and expressed your frustration over the DRM that Apple is required to enforced on purchased music content? That might be something you wish to pursue as you feel strongly about the issue.

    Onto the matter at hand... I've definitely encountered a similar problem and the root of the issue was "keychains" related to my iTunes. Here's what you can try.

    1.) Copy a few of the purchased songs to a thumb drive or the "public" folder on your user. Make a new administrative user on your computer, launch iTunes and authenticate/authorize. Drag that song from the original user's public folder to your iTunes music library under the new user. It should play... if it does then we know it's a keychain/securities issue.

    2.) If it does not, the next step I had to do was to perform an Archive & Install on the computer. Even after a successful migration assistant, somehow a permission/keychain/509 security anchor prevented me from authorizing and playing content on my iTunes.

    Let's try step 1, first, see what we get for results. If necessary the "first aid utility" in the keychain access manager might be able to assist us.
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    Oh, I went through the authorize-deauthorize dance with the guy on the apple care line multiple times... I deauthorized every computer (which was only 3 of 5 anyway) and reauthorized just the one.

    The computer says it's already authorized and yet each purchased song brings up the dialog box saying I need to be authorized... I was told they'd get back to me in 48 hours - they haven't yet. I'm about to call them back and will keep you all posted. I wonder if it's just a matter of a lingering file somewhere from the old mac that is confusing everything.
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    ps trying your keychain fix right now. will let you know.
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    In iTunes do a Get Info and see what the Account Name is.
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    That's actually not the issue. I just tried opening iTunes and authorizing using the same ID on a different computer and the purchased songs play so it's definitely my computer/migration specific.

    On the phone with apple care right now.... trying to reinstall iTunes and see if that helps....
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    A complete dump of the software and preferences in my user library (minus the library of course!) and all is well....
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    I am having the same problem with the same Mac model. How do I dump the software and preferences and recover?
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    Dragging iTunes app into the trash was the starters. The other prefs were on a list that the applecare tech pulled up so I'd be hesitant to go and say "anything that says iTunes" on it because I think it's more specific. If you have applecare, you could call them? Sorry I can't be more of a help!
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    The solution you posted seems easy enough (delete a few items), but I'm hesitant to jump in without a more detailed explanation.
    Is the solution you found really as easy as it seems? Would you mind being more specific, as possible, of the solution you found?

    Many thanks!
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    Literally drag your iTunes app from the applications folder into the Trash. Delete the various preferences (best to contact apple about which ones because it wasn't necessarily all of them?). Trash those. Restart. Reinstall a fresh copy of iTunes off the website. Let it do it's thing (find music from your home library etc etc). All should be well.

    Needless to say, back up first.

    It really is that easy, I just had to look for preferences in some unusual places which is why I'm not saying trash anything you can find that says iTunes. As I said earlier, I would call Applecare and have them walk you through it.