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Jeffrey Benis Level 1 Level 1
Dec 21 17:09:52 mbp kernel[0]: dp events: 0x04

This line seems to repeat 5 or 6 times per minute, filling system.log.

Looks like it started Dec 19th. I don't see any obvious unusual thing I did at that time.

Any ideas?

Thanks, jeff

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • krypttic Level 2 Level 2
    Same thing here. I'd like to know what this is.
  • krypttic Level 2 Level 2

    By any chance do you have an external display hooked up to your MBP? When I disconnect my 30" monitor (and the Dual Link DVI adapter), these entries stop getting written to the log.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a jumpy mouse/trackpad problem and wonder if this is doing it. See this thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1830794&tstart=0
  • Jeffrey Benis Level 1 Level 1
    yep - same thing here. I thought the "dp events" message started 1 day before I hooked the 30" up to my MBP, but as you (and others) are seeing the same thing, I'm sure thats what it is. When I have a chance I'll disconnect the new adapter to verify your finding.

    I also have the "jumpy mouse" problem when the mini-display adapter is connected.
  • krypttic Level 2 Level 2

    Please come post your findings in the other thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1830794&tstart=0

    I'd really like to get this solved. Strength in numbers...
  • l4rk Level 1 Level 1
    Just adding myself as a data point. I also experience the chronic "dp events 0x04" and mouse jumpiness. I have a 2.53 GHz MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.6 with 30" Apple Cinema display. I've tried all permutations of connecting mouse to machine, with/without hubs, direct, etc.
  • krypttic Level 2 Level 2
    Although Apple has not fixed this yet, I have learned some interesting things. While on the phone with Apple, they had me run a Data Capture program to collect info about my system to send back to them.

    While running the application, I had Console open so I could look at the system log. To my surprise, after running this application, the repeating dp events: 0x04 completely stopped and the mouse cursor behaved normally. The mouse continued to behave normally until I put the computer to sleep and woke it up again.

    In summary:

    1) The dp events: 0x04 messages are present when the mouse skips and not present when it doesn't. This seems like proof that the muliple writes to the system log are what make the cursor skip.

    2) Running Capture Data.app (from the Apple tech) runs a handful of scripts that not only capture data, but also kills the dp events for some reason.

    I have verified this four different times and reported my findings to the Apple tech I was speaking to.

    Can anyone else who receive the data capture program from Apple give this a shot? Just have Console open and look at your system log before, during, and after running the program. Perhaps you'll see as I did that the dp events go away and your mouse works right (at least until sleep).
  • luc_regnault Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. As Apple hasn't solved it for now, could you please give us some link in order to load the "Capture Data.app" and run it. If it solve the problem it's a good temporary solution. Thanks in advance.
  • Jeffrey Benis Level 1 Level 1
    "NVIDIA Graphics Update 2009" seems to have taken care of the system.log messages, mouse jumpiness, as well as the blue streaks against black screen/background.

    There is a new kernel msg:

    1/26/09 5:51:42 PM kernel USBF: 994.187 AppleUSBEHCI[0x7890800]::Found a transaction which hasn't moved in 5 seconds on bus 0x26, timing out! (Addr: 4, EP: 0)
  • DMMSU Level 1 Level 1
    Mouse issues persist for me.

    I second the AppleUSBEHCI log items...every few seconds.
  • pryankster Level 1 Level 1
    More data points: I have a 15" unibody MBP with a Gateway monitor attached to the mini display port -> DVI.

    When running iTunes, and doing the 'mouse in circles' thing, I get (like clockwork!) a jump every 4->5 seconds (I didn't time it exactly, but "1-mississippi-2-mississippi...etc.. and it always happened between 4 and 5 mississippi

    If I shutdown iTunes, the jumps happen far less often (almost unnoticeable).

    I did not have the "dp" error in my system log (though I did have a bunch of "unknown SEGSEGV code 0" errors, which I seem to have tracked down to an Adobe CS4 licensing server issue)

    Going to call Apple in the a.m.

    (irony: I'm a recent Mac convert, and one my buddies who has been a Mac user since the days of the MacPlus always bragged about how smooth his Mac's mouse was compared to a PC's mouse

    -- pryankster