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Karen Bernstein Level 1 Level 1
I am having a devil of a time figuring out how one can italicize some word in Text generator without doing the entire line! Help. I really don't think I should have to go to LiveType to do this simple task.

mac book pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
  • Andy Mees Level 6 Level 6
    FCP's basic Text generators are intended for VERY basic text generation. If you need to do anything beyond, single font, single size, single style then you have to use multiple instances ... or just use Title 3D (in the Boris folder).
  • Karen Bernstein Level 1 Level 1
    I am sorry...what's the Boris folder??? I go to title 3D and I still don't see anyway to do italics. I so appreciate your help.
  • Rienk Level 4 Level 4
    If you open the effect of Boris Title 3d then in the controls window you see the dark "Title 3d - click for options" box. Did you click it?...

    It gives you all kind of options... Including italic

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X
    If you're generating a title in boris title 3d (which I assume you've figure out how to access, but if not, click on the little letter A at the bottom right of the viewer and navigate to title 3d in the boris folder and then hit the controls tab and click on the text entry and style area. Choose a font and make sure the "I" button is pushed (it's a little to the left of the "style skew x"