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How can I delete Movies, etc off my Apple TV? I know this must be a simple process, but I can't figure it out.

Thanks - Jim D

Compaq Presario R3140US, Windows XP
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    depends how you have your system set up.

    method 1 - select the trash can icon that is next to the movie/tv show. this will delete

    method 2 - if no trash can icon is there, then you need to manage the content via itunes.
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    Ok, when you say look for the Trash Can, will I see it on my actual TV screen menu and where. I don't see the trash can on either my TV or on i Tunes.

    If I have to manage it on i tunes, what is the best way to do this. If if delete it off i tunes, how does the Apple TV unit delete the file or is this automatic when I sync.

    Remember, I have a PC, not a MAC

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    It doesn't matter that you have a PC and not a mac.

    The method you use for deleting content from the Apple tv depends on how it was put on there.

    If it was synced from itunes as a result of your sync options, then all you need to do is uncheck the content you no longer want on the Apple tv using your sync options in itunes and click apply/sync. The Apple tv will always mirror the choices you make in the sync options, so anything removed there will then be removed from the Apple tv.

    If the content is on the Apple tv because you have purchased/rented it from itms directly to the Apple tv, or downloaded a podcast directly to the Apple tv then that content will display a trash can to the right of its name on the Apple tv. When the content is selected, use the FF button on the remote to navigate to the trash can icon and you will then be able to delete that content.
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    the nature of sync is to syncronize if it's removed from itunes
    a synchronization means that it's removed from appletv
    so they are once more a mirror of eachother
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    I bought my programs through AppleTV but do not have a trash can icon anywhere to be seen. I have the most recent program updates.

    I can see the programs on ITunes, but they are grey - as in a closed window - and I cannot access. Pain in the neck, really.