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  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you Acmee for your help. I have yet to try your work around. The reason is that what I have been doing is simply restarting each time the problem rears. This is of course much easier than the multiple steps you suggest. I seem to get the same results which is the problem goes away for sometime and then reoccurs with some unkown event between. That is I get the same results with a simple restart. Do you get the same results with a simple restart?
  • Acmee Level 1 Level 1
    You only have to prepare this once, afterwards you can press CTRLSHIFTEJECT whenever the problem occurs. Much quicker than restarting...
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    I see. I'll give it a try. If so then it puts us a little better off with what is still a faulty device.
    I'll post my results after a while and report for the rest of us who are looking for a solution.
    Thank you very much Acmee
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    First update on the efforts with shift + control + eject:
    I tried to move the usb from the adaptor to a port on the side of the monitor and restarted. My unexpected result is the mighty mouse then would move the curser but not click anywhere. I then moved the usb to the ports on the bottom middle of the monitor, but the same thing happened again. Then I moved the usb back to the port on the mbp as usual and restarted. All was fine after fiddling with the mouse, cleaning the bottom and checking the bluetooth connection. Somehow it worked. The monitor was fine for an hour or so. Then the monitor problem with the fuzzies came back.
    THEN TO MY SURPRISE I used shift + cntrl+ eject and the problem disappeared for about a second.
    I repeated. The problem was gone for a moment. Then ON THE THIRD TRY with shift + cntrl+ eject the monitor cleared. I don't know for how long this will be.
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    Linda I wonder if you have had any success? The problem is now unbearable. While watching video on itunes for example the screen goes fuzzy three times in the first 5 minutes. I have tried some suggestions but have yet to see something that helps or anything from Apple here or through tech support. Is the case for everyone? It seems unreasonable that we are limping on with a new product full of flaws. The options are to get an older MBP and use the dual linnk or go without a large screen.
    I am asking for a third option. Does anyone have anything. Linda is there a replacement that works?
  • Linda Custer Level 2 Level 2
    Apple Music
    My AMDPDLDVIA replacement came on Monday, but I had some travel for business that has kept me from using yet. I plan to bring it home from work tomorrow night and spend some time with it. I will let you know my findings. I expect that nothing will have changed; however, I'm staying optimistic.

    I am not aware of any non-Apple solutions, at least not yet.

    This is incredibly disappointing if true.

    I'll report back soon.
  • Linda Custer Level 2 Level 2
    Apple Music
    OK.I've had a chance to play with my replacement AMDPDLDVIA for a few hours now. Configuration: MBP late 2008 2.8 GHz, running in clamshell mode with Dell 30" monitor and Belkin TruAV Dual-Link cable. Mini display port adapter plugged in to that, with the mini-display port in the MBP and the USB plug in the rear-most USB port (so one open USB port between the mini-display port and the attached USB power cable. No other USB devices plugged in.

    Plugged it in and powered on the Dell. Immediately worked OK. Turned off the Dell monitor, then turned it back on. Fuzz everywhere on the screen, worse than the sort-of fuzz of the pictures posted elsewhere on this forum. A ctl-shift-eject and then wake from sleep fixed the problem. The fuzz was reproducibe EACH time I turned off the Dell, and it always cleared up completely as soon as I ctl-shift-ejected and woke.

    No spontaneous fuzzing, and no other incidents like I got with the last unit.

    This is still somewhat less than good, but is much better than the first unit I got. It's held for a few hours with no glitches unless I turn the monitor off, and even then it's OK after screen sleep.

    The only other thing I notice is that, at first -- from a cold start or from a wake-from-sleep, the monitor seems slightly less sharp than it does 60 seconds later. It's not bad; it still seems synced. But there is a little something that makes it just a bit out of focus. Almost like it's not quite a digital, pixel-filled screen. But it's not out of sync. Hard to describe. Has anyone else noticed this lasting just several seconds?

    With my first adapter, I also noticed dancing speckles in really dark regions. That is gone with this new adapter. I used PixelCheck to turn the screen solid black (or solid W, R, G, B). Absolutely no flicker or problems at all.

    Unless the device performance degrades substantially over the next several days or weeks, I guess I'm keeping this replacement.

    I have to say I expected the replacement to show the same problems as before, but it does seem to be substantially different and better this time.

    Best of luck to all others who attempt replacements.
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for your update Linda,
    Hmmm??? Ask for a replacement and get half way there with the solution? It may be somewhat better, but is that it? I suppose I will ask for the replacement and stop using the new MBP all together. I still have the previous model which I was going to sell. But without the ability of a large monitor on the latest MBP what is so special about it? The last dual link connection with the late 12007 MBP was just fine.
    I hope they work out the problems with the replacement or I am out a lot of dosh ($$) selling a brand new MBP and the funky dual link adaptor. Ouch.
  • Linda Custer Level 2 Level 2
    Apple Music
    I agree it is disappointing. Turning off the Dell monitor never caused a problem with the previous MBP. Never had any problems. So, yes, I agree, this is a step back.

    I won't have time tomorrow, but over the weekend, I'll call Apple again and see what they say. At this point, I imagine they have more information even if they aren't fully sharing it yet.
  • Charlie Babbage Level 1 Level 1
    I've been running all day without the issue with my Dell 3007WFP display.
    1. I disconnected my wireless keyboard adapter and am not plugging in the display's USB hub.
    2. I connected an Apple keyboard directly to the MacBook Pro 15" and plugged my wireless Logitech MX Revolution adapter into the keyboard.

    So far, I have not experienced the issue at all with the 9400M graphics chipset. I tried switching over to the 9600M chipset where the problem quickly kicked in.

    So for now, I'm going to try running my setup like this to hopefully avoid the problem.
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you Charlie for you help. I am not sure I can exactly replicate your results. The main difference is that I use an Apple bluetooth key board and mighty mouse so I don't have a keyboard adaptor on a USB port to disconnect. Perhaps the Apple key board and mouse are affected as is yours. I'll have to look for a wired keyboard and mouse as I don't have one. I can downgrade the graphics card as you suggest. In past trials on my system and on others it seems the effect does not go away. These days I wonder if Itunes is part of the problem as I get the effect often as I use itunes. Yesterday it happened repeatedly.
    I'll downgrade the graphics now and see if somehow it is better. Currently I am using another persons advise and have the USB in the port furthest from the mini adaptor plug. But it has not helped so far at all.
    I hope Apple tech is reading this as they have offered no help from Apple tech in Tokyo
  • Charlie Babbage Level 1 Level 1
    I happen to have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Mighty Mouse. I'll give those a try too. As for which USB port on the MBPro, it doesn't make any difference for me. This seems to be a USB issue and not a software issue so I doubt if iTunes makes any difference. Right now, my USB usage is at a bare minimum - no hubs attached. I'm going to dig a powered hub up and try it out as well.

    As for Apple giving a **** about this issue - I called and they just offered to have me return it for a refund, so I'm not holding my breathe that there'll be any real solution anytime soon.
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    Hmmm no USB ports eliminates time machine, my iphone, my use of Lightroom, the printer.
    Sounds great doesn't it?
    But if I am just cruszin the net I could try your set up as well to see if that helps.
    And again thanks
  • neilio Level 2 Level 2
    I've gone through two units already and neither of them have worked at all. My deets:

    - MBP 2.5ghz model
    - 30" Cinema Display

    With both units the laptop never recognizes that the external monitor is plugged in. Both the monitor and the laptop are definitely working as I use the MBP with a 23" Dell at work (via the standard mini display port DVI adapter) and the display with a previous MBP.

    I've spoken with Applecare and they want me to bring the units down to a store to test them there, but I'm fairly certain they're both defective.

    Has anyone else had this issue where the units just don't work at all? Is there a workaround, or are my units actually dead as I suspect?
  • tsumuji Level 1 Level 1
    I think you are not alone Neil. There have been some posts above where people say the Apple cinema display works. There are also people like yourself that are having the problem with an Apples display.
    There is also another thread on this subject. I have seen some posts about the screen going black.
    I doubt your machines are both bad at the same time. But why don't you take them in if it is possible?
    Apple at the core knows there is a problem but I am afraid the issue is deep and not easy to solve. When they test them both ask them what to do.
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