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Just purchased JVC Everio MG330 Hard disk camcorder and cant download my videos. I know Its something little and stupid. I have followed instruction from JVC manuel and from Imovie, but cant seem to download videos. Can anyone help? jennifer
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    You probably have the same problem a I had. Before I lead you the wrong way, do you have iMovie HD 6 and are still using the Mac Tiger operating system?

    If so, I found the only way to make this easy for me was to upgrade to iLife '08 (in order to get iMovie'08) AND upgrade to Leopard. Now, when I plug in my Everio and open iMovie '08, the movies backup to my iMac as easy as when I download photos.

    I thought I'd save money by purchasing the third-party software from Pixela Corporation called CAPTY MPEG Edit EX) -- this alternative solution is mentioned by JVC on their website (http://support.jvc.com/consumer/support/support.jsp?pageID=1&item=13#169). This was a waste of money because then the whole project of downloading and converting files became too burdensome. The idea was to make this easy! So, I finally upgraded last week and successfully downloaded over 400 video clips that I had stored on the Everio. I will work on my first project this weekend.

    Good luck -- I know how frustrated you probably are.

    Good luck.
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    In regards to the JVC issues and IMovie. I am still running Tiger and IMovie 6.0. Was is necessary to do both, meaning, could I just upgrade to ILife '08 and still run Tiger. How is the Operating System part of the problem. Thank you for your help, and yes It is very frustrating.
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    Thank you for this, its very frustrating. I know have imovie 7.1.4 and am using OS X 10.4.11, not sure if its Tiger or not.
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    I have just bought one of these and similar to you, I can confirm that imovie 08 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 recognizes the JVC GZ-MG334 camcorder and allows import of files from camcorder into imovie fairly easily from this similiar model.

    as you have successfully got past this first hurdle, I wonder whether you can offer any help with my next problem.

    I intend to leave all my video clips on the camcorder HDD as a backup after I have imported them. Each subsequent time I have a new set of movie clips to import from the camcorder, imovie08 offers to 1)import all clips or 2)let you select individual clips to import. If you select..
    1)It re-imports all the old clips a second time (doesn't warn you like iphoto does (e.g."certain clips have been imported previously-do you wish to re-import" [or some such wording])
    2) you have to tediously tick each clip individually. No option from here to here etc

    is there a way around this?
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    thank you for your advise on MG 330 and imovie08/OSX 10.5.6. I think i will upgrade from 10.4.11.
    and as for your problem, sorry but I cant help, as yet anyway. I need to import what I have first.......