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When I tried to upgrade to itunes 8 I got this error code at the start. I did the whole itunes delete from my system, and now it gives it to me at the end of the installation.
I haven't been able to find any info. really, on what this error code is, some help would be much appreciated.
I'm running windows vista 64-bit

Windows Vista
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    Hey, I am having the exact same problem. I have removed every instance of iTunes and tried reinstalling. I get the same "Error Code 2324". This is ridiculous man, I've tried everything I can think of aside from a full format and reinstall of Vista-64 Home Premium.

    I have a Touch and cannot even use the **** thing due to this problem. Prior to running a Vista only rig, I was running a dual-boot system with XP on another drive and had no such issues... however that was when Apple hadn't got their act together an started supporting 64-bit Vista.

    Anyone please help...
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    I'm not sure what you did to cause that error, but I had previously corrupted my iTunes installation files due to not having had my Raid 1 set properly, which caused me to have to reinstall just about everything.

    I finally wanted to add more music to my touch, and found that iTunes was still bad. Attempting to install the new version 8 (x64 bit) threw the 2324 error when it was attempting to unregister the old install. Same thing if I tried to run the iTunes uninstaller from add/remove programs.

    My solution was to install Ccleaner and let that clean up my bad registry data and what-not (ran it using defaults). Then I manually deleted the old iTunes folder. Then I again ran the uninstaller from add/remove, which succeeded this time. I then ran the iTunes 8 setup program and it installed without a problem.