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My main computer is in the shop. I have an iPod Touch and I purchased some music on it. I thought I could then use another computer to log in and download the purchases so I don't lose them because I'm not sure how long my main machine will be in the shop for. I am unable to synch the iPod with this backup computer, though, because it does not have USB 2.0. It also only has iTunes 7 and won't seem to update beyond that. (the "backup" machine is a 1ghz powerbook G3, I think - about 7 years old, running 10.9, so I'm assuming there's an unmet requirement there for anything newer than iTunes 7) Anyway, when I logged in via iTunes 7, I "checked for purchases" and it told me that everything available for this account had been downloaded.

So... Now I'm worried that I won't be able to get my music. It's on my Touch but what will happen when I get my main machine back? If I synch it, will it download the music?

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    You can check the minimum requirements here - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1323

    If you hold down the 'option' and the  (CMD) key together you will prevent a sync of your iPod. Keep the keys down until the device shows up in iTunes. You will need at least iTunes 7.7, OSX 10.4.10 and USB 2.0.

    As long as you don't allow a sync then the tunes should still be there on the iPod when you get your Mac back from the shop.

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    When I do get the other computer back, though, what I would like to know is if the songs will download onto that computer when I synch it? (normally if I buy something on the iPod, then the next time I synch it, it downloads the purchases onto the computer.)

    Is it that in order to download the songs onto the computer, it has to be synching? I had always just assumed that it was downloading them from the network as opposed to the iPod itself. So hopefully my iPod and main computer will synch up happily and put the songs on the main computer when I get it back?

    Thanks! My backup machine definitely doesn't meet the requirements. At all.
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    Purchases that are on the iPod and already synced to a library should sync back to the same library. If you sync the iPod to a different library then no they will not sync. iTunes will ask if you want to sync the iPod to a different library.

    If you purchase tunes with the Touch then the tunes were d/l to the Touch. When you go to sync then iTunes will ask if you want to transfer the iTS purchases to your iTunes library on the Mac. The same with Apps. As long as you are syncing back to the library that was originally synced then there is no problem. Don't sync your Touch to another library and you should be ok.

  • Vicky Bilaniuk Level 1 (5 points)
    Awesome! Thanks!