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I have been trying to upgrade my MacBook Pro (Fall 08 Model) to 10.5.6 for the past 2 weeks. Each time about 24 hours after the upgrade has completed, applications suddenly stop responding and the hard drive crashes.

The 1st time, I was running with a 7200 RPM drive that I installed to replace the original 5200 RPM drive that came with the system. This was done on November 1st. It ran 10.5.5 for about a month and a half with no problems. Then, when 10.5.6 was released, I upgraded. A day later, Apps stopped running and as soon as I plugged my iPhone dock into the USB port, the Hard Drive began making clicking sounds and the system stopped responding. Couldn't reboot or even boot from the original DVD because although the drive was not accessible, the system continued trying to access it thus disabling any attempts at booting from other media. After about 20 minutes of holding down the "C" key to boot from my original install DVD, the DVD responded and then took about another 5 minutes before it gained control of the system. Running a Disk Utility or System Profiler from the install DVD reported that there was no hard drive installed (all while the crash clicking sound continues from the drive, that indeed was still physically there).

2nd, I replaced the 7200 RPM drive with the original one that came with the laptop. Got all of my Data and Apps restored to the current date (December 19th from Nov 1st when I swapped it out with the other drive). At this point, I'm assuming that I just got a bad 7200 RPM drive and arranged to get it replaced. The plan was to keep using my original drive until the replacement arrived. Next, I upgraded my original from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 on December 22nd and about 24 hours later, I sat my iPhone (Edge model) on top of the palm rest of the laptop, over the disk drive, and the Apps suddenly stopped functioning again. Immediately after this, the disk drive began making clicking sounds and crashed. Again, it took about 20 minutes to get the install DVD up to determine that Disk Utility and System Profiler again reported that no hard drive was installed.

3rd, I took the laptop to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store, explained the 2 crash incidents and that I believed something in 10.5.6 and/or my iPhone in close proximity with a 10.5.6 system was causing this. They did some tests, couldn't figure out why both drives didn't work, and didn't buy the iPhone/10.5.6 theory. However, they gave me a BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO (same make, model, specs). After I got this one home, with a fresh untainted copy of 10.5.5 on it, I upgraded to 10.5.6 on Christmas Eve. Today, 24 hours later, the drive crashed AGAIN just after I placed the iPhone next to the new laptop, as I was preparing to load my data from backup and sync my iPhone. This time, the crash occurred BEFORE I had any of my original Apps or Data installed - so this rules out an existing environment conflict of some kind as being the cause.

The 3rd drive failure had same symptoms as the other 2 times I upgraded:

* Sudden freeze of most/all Apps

* Spinning Beach Ball when attempting simple tasks like opening System Preferences, Finder windows, etc.

* After Power-cycling (because all control had been lost), system cannot boot from hard drive

* Attempts to restart from original DVD takes about 30 minutes

* Disk Utility & System Profiler Cant' find hard drive

I will be taking this system back to the Apple Store on Saturday (because Genius Bar is closed on Friday, 12/26/08) to have it replaced again. WILL NOT BE UPGRADING to 10.5.6 until Apple addresses this problem.

Are there others out there who have had similar Hard Drive crashes? I've read posts about the Apps freezing and the need for some to do Archive/Install again after a 10.5.6 upgrade. However, I am unable to determine if any are experiencing the drive crash issue. If so, are you using the newer MacBook Pros or is this problem occurring on other hardware types? Are you using MacBooks with iPhones (even though I find it hard to believe the original iPhone could somehow be emitting something that's causing 10.5.6 to crash a hard drive; this iPhone worked OK under 10.5.5 with same hardware) I have 3 other Mac Models in my home but am now leery of upgrading to 10.5.6 on any of them...

MacBook Pro 15" (Fall 2008 Model), Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Hello! It seems I have a similar problem. I upgraded to 10.5.6 a few days ago. Today morning, after turning the computer on from sleep, everything was working perfectly, however after few minutes while I was browsing the Internet with FireFox my hard drive started making "click - click" sound repeatedly, disabling me to do anything with my computer (the colorful spinning wheel appeared; it happened the exact same time when I clicked on a link in a news website). After powering off with holding the power button, I wasn't able any more to log in. I've managed to boot the Installation DVD and DIsk Utility found no hard drive.

    After exchanging my hard drive (the old one is definitely broken - I was trying to use an external slot to try accessing it - unsuccessfully) I cannot any more boot the installation DVD. The DVD drive was relatively new, so it shouldn't cause any problems. The DVDs are also fine (no scratches, tried a couple of installation discs...). Holding "C" key for 30 minutes doesn't seem to work either... I only get the grey screen, with nothing on it...

    At the moment I'm stuck, because I have the MacBook with grey screen and fans running at the full speed, which does not seem to read DVDs, though I can reset the PROM, as well as, boot it as a target and force-quit the disk with holding F12...

    The worst thing is that I lost my data created over the last week... I hope apple will recognize that something is wrong with their update... If I get the bootable DVD to boot finally, I will write an update.

    Greetings to everyone with the same problem.

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    This happened to me on a Macbook. I managed to access the drive by starting up in Target Mode and then connecting to another Mac. (It wouldn’t work when I connected the computers up first.) I copied everything I needed onto the other Mac then reformatted the MacBook. Leopard then installed OK.
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    I was unable to gain any access to any of the drives that crashed. The APple Store Genius Bar personnel also could not access them - they were toast!

    I received yet another New MacBookPro from the Apple Store yesterday. I DID NOT upgrade this one to 10.5.6 though. All of my data has been restored from backup, all my Apps are just about re-installed, and my iPhone connects/syncs without issues. Although the Genius Bar guys still don't believe 10.5.6 had anything to do with the drives crashing because of the OS, the results say different: 3 different disk drives, 2 new MacBook Pros, all crashing within hours of installing and attempting to use 10.5.6.

    I only hope someone at Apple is looking at this, and other posts regarding internal/external disk drive failures, and begin investigating what's causing this problem on MacBooks, and correct it soon. Until then, I am unable to upgrade to 10.5.6 because my laptop is the most critical technology tool that I use and I can't afford the downtime any longer...
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    I have the same problem on my Macbook Core Duo 2.0 GHz.

    I recently upgraded my hard disk drive to a 250GB drive and installed Leopard on it. I had the 10.5 disc. Then I updated it to the 10.5.6 update through software update. It worked fine for a bout a day, then all of a sudden when I tried to use firefox, it crashed and got stuck there. I couldn't do anything. I had to force shutdown.

    When trying to restart, it just stayed at the apple logo after the startup chime.

    Using the DVD to access disk utility reveals the presence of the hard disk, but I am unable to format/erase or create partitions on the hard disk. I took the hard disk out and attempted to format it on my other MBP, but it failed as well. Then I tried to format it on a windows PC, which also failed. Taking it to the store confirmed that the hard disk had died.

    I shall stick with the 10.5.5 update I guess...
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    I have had nothing but problems with the 10.5.6 upgrade. My system is rendered useless and crashes to a halt. Technical support denied that the 10.5.6 upgrade was not responsible and believed it to be a third party software issue. Being a computer consultant thankfully allowed me to see through the errors of apple technical support. It's reported that the upgrade does install without incident on some systems so I suspect that this upgrade should be approached with caution.