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When I import images from my camera into iphoto, each image has a file name and an image name which are the same. If I change the title name in iphoto to something else and then export that image to a thumb drive, what happens is that the original file name is what gets exported and not the new image name.

Is there a way to actually change the file name so that when images are exported from iphoto to a thumb drive the images on the thumb drive will be the new file name.

Is there a software program or plugin that installs in iphoto that will do this in a batch process so that you don't have to rename each image.

This is different than using keywords.



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    in iPhoto '08 and I believe iPhoto 6 there is an export option to use the photo title as the file name - nand there are several programs that will rename photos either before you impor them or after you expor them - do not change their name within the iPhoto library - I use name mangler - search MacUpdate for it and others

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    You cannot do this.

    Iphoto tracks the location of a file on the HD by it’s path. Change any element of the path and iPhoto loses the pic. This obviously includes the filename.

    Add a title to a pic in iPhoot, then if you want to export the pic simply use the File -> Export command and use the ‘Title as Filename’ option.


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    Larry & Terrance,

    Thanks so much for the tip and helpful link.

    This solves the problem perfectly.