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I watched this vid on youtube about this kid giving 15 'tips' that u can use on both the iphone and ipod touch. One of the "tips" was how to take pics of the homescreen or whatever else (e.g. same as print-screen on a comp) so I tried it and surprisingly it worked (I took a pics of all my notes).

Now my question is: How do I delete the "saved photo"??

Its saved in my photo library in its own lil' category and whenever I connect my opid to itunes and view all my pics, all the subcategories I've created are there except for "saved photos" (the pic I took of my notes) and I cant get rid of it.

Any suggestions? Also is there a way I can delete or delete/hide the "Photo Library" (collections of all the pics in 1 folder)? Its annoying and doesnt it eat up space on ur ipod?

Windows XP