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Hi there,

it's been for about 3 weeks now, that I am having a new iMac 24" with a TimeCapsule. For years, I have always and only had a Mac, but this time, I am so frustrated that I wish I had never bought these expensive machines. For 3 days now during my holidays I am only busy with this machine, day and night. Very very annoying and I never had problems like this. I would deeply appreciate your help on this:

How do I erase the disk and reinstall Leopard?

That's what I did:

1st Attempt, 2 days ago:
(based on support that I received from Micromat)
Boot from the OS X install CD.

Once the Installer window is up, go to UTILITIES in the Main Menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click on "Open Disk Utility".

On the left side of the window select the hard drive indented to the left with the physical size and name of the drive. Example: 152.7 GB Maxtor 6L160MO

Click on the "Erase" option.

The format should be set to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Click on the button under the Name field called "Options" or "Security Options".

Select "Zero Out Data" and click on "Erase" on the previous screen.

Then, I wanted to migrate data from my Time Capsule. In accordance to this article, I chose the option "Restoring an existing Time Capsule backup to a new Mac":
1. When your new Mac starts up for the first time, you are asked if you want to transfer information from another Mac or volume (in the "Do You Already Own a Mac?" window).
2. Click "From a Time Machine backup or other disk."
3. Click Continue.
4. If you are connected to your Time Capsule via an Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly, skip to step 9.
5. Under Select a Backup Volume click the Join button to join your wireless (Time Capsule) network.
6. In the next sheet, enter your network name or click the Show Networks button to see a list of detected networks.
7. Click your wireless network and type the password.
8. Click Join.
9. Time Capsule appears as a Backup Volume. Select it, then click Continue to proceed.
10. Enter the password for your Time Capsule.
11. Click Connect to proceed.
12. Your Mac will check the Time Machine backup for a period of time.
13. The "Transfer Your Information" window appears. Select the desired accounts, network and other settings, Applications folders, Files, and folders that you want to restore.
14. Click Transfer. You can monitor the progress of the transfer in the Transferring Information window.

What happened after many hours? The Mac told me, that there was an error restoring data. Start over again?

Then, I decided to the have the disk erased again by 0 out data using DiskUtility in order to not have overlaps. If that was right or not, I do not know, just common sense because everything was stuck.

2nd Attempt:

0 out data as described in the 1st Attempt.

then, instead of migrating data from TimeCapsule, I choose to have connect it to my old LaCie using firewire. I hoped, like the first set up, that it would migrate data.

After having run for app. 8 hours (only about 80 GB data!), and not stopping. For one hour, it said that it would stop within within one minute ..... this minute kept on lasting ..... for more than at least an hour. So, I pressed quit!

The effect: my Mac was down to 200 GB disk space left out of a capacity of 750 GB whilst I only had data on my little LaCie for about less than 80 GB!).

3rd attempt: what should I do?

No peace with this machine, at all. Not even during holidays.

Thanks for your help,

brand new iMac Intel, 24", 750 GB HD, 2GM RAM (bad machine!), Mac OS X (10.5.5), TimeCapsule (bad machine, don't ever buy it!), PowerBook (the good old and reliable Mac generation)
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    Erase & Restore Computer:
    You took the long route - there's a shorter solution. Unplug everything from your computer but the keyboard, mouse, and Ethernet cable (if you use it). Restart your Mac with restore DVD while holding the 'C' key. Advance beyond the language choice screen and click on the Options button near the bottom of the window. Select Erase and Install. Continue and allow computer to install OS. You'll have to register again and create an account. After entering your account information continue to the desktop, launch the System Preferences program and select Software update. Download and run all the updates you need. This will take a while. Once you've updated the computer's OS, plug in your external drive and turn it on. If you choose to use the Migration Assistant with Time Machine you can find it in the Utilities folder.

    Migrating from Time Machine
    I've been testing Time Machine since Leopard came out, periodically taking one of my backups and restoring a computer. (I'm a tech.) I've had problems here and there, mostly with TM failing to perform a backup but I've also had some restore issues. I've also experienced issues with Migration Assistant and don't really trust it. The more stuff you are trying to transfer with Migration Assistant the more likely it is the thing will freeze. Further, the progress counter is totally worthless. I've seen it stop at 1 minute for long long periods of time.

    Since you've had quite a time of it, you might want to try one of two things. First, do a standard migration using TM. Just because it failed the first time doesn't mean it will the second. (But it might. Your backup could be bad.) Second, bypass the migration and proceed to the desktop. Your computer will be bare, just like it was when you bought it and brought it home. Now launch TM and selectively restore your data a little at a time. Say start with your Library folder, then Picture folder, etc. This way you can monitor the progress and know much better what failed (if anything did). Getting your data is the first consideration. If necessary you can install your applications by hand.
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    Hi there,

    thank you very much for your response. God be thanked, somebody at Apple service was working! So, ultimately, the new computer will be replaced because there is a problem with the block.

    However, you said that your restore from TC sometimes also interrupted. Since it did do so, what did you do then when it stopped in the middle? Did you quit the application (apple + Q) and start over again? I mean, was the data automatically overwritten or did you have to delete orphan files?

    Best regards,
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    Some day I oughta look up in the knowlegebase to see if Apple has an official recommendation. I generally delete the user account and then re-run MA.