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I have a MBP 15 inch that my mother in law has severely disabled- she either ran the machine completely down out of power unplugged or did something to the hard drive. Is there a way to fully drain the power - should this be an issue - i have removed the battery several times.

i have tried booting from the OS X disk several times to no avail - when the computer boots up, under Select a Destination, the box asking where do you want to install Mac OS X is blank and never populates. I have tried removing the battery and the machine is now fully charged. previous to installing the OS X disk, on start up, the machine had a gray screen with a folder in the middle with a question mark on it. Now, i cannot get the OS X disk to eject some i am pretty limited in my options - additionally the Disk Utility will not eject the disk nor can i unmount it - I get the message The underlying task reported failure on exit. I presume my next trip is to a Genius bar unless anyone has suggestions - many thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!

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15" MacBook Pro Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hard drives are prone to failure.. Thats just the way it is, they are precision pieces of machinery.. Make sure you backup your files regularly.. If you're still under warranty they should replace it no problem.
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    First, consider yourself fortunate that your mother-in-law only screwed up your computer. Most of us complain that they screwed up our spouses/children/marriages.

    Second, you cannot harm a Mac by draining its battery. In fact, periodic battery drainage is recommended.

    Third, if you have your original system DVD in the superdrive, you can boot holding down the "D" key to boot into the Apple Hardware Test to see if you have a HD problem. If not, consider rebooting into your DVD and running repair HD.

    If you have a HD fault, then the only thing to do is to bring it in for repair. If it is under warranty (less than one year old, or, with Applecare, less than 3 years old) Apple will do it for free. If not, you will need to pay the cost for a new HD install. I hope you have your data backed up, because if your HD is fried, the data on it are gone.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your help - any idea what a folder with a question mark on a gray screened background means?
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    The grey screen with a "?" mark means that your hard drive has failed. Hopefully you have been backing up.