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AKetchum Level 1 (5 points)
I am using MS Entourage email program set up with 2 email accounts.

I recently started receiving numerous spam messages to one of the accounts that are sent to me by me. Time sent is always identical to time received.

I am concerned that I have some sort of virus, or "something", that is causing my machine to send out emails I am not aware I am sending. They are only in my inbox, not the outbox.

Is there a way to track this down? Or a way to stop this from happening? It is really a nuisance to receive them--about 20 a day, but I hate to think I am also sending these to others.

Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.8), MS Entourage 11.4.0
  • Kappy Level 10 (263,335 points)
    You aren't doing it. Some spammers have obtained your email address and use it to "spoof" the sender in order to avoid detection by the spam police.

    You can minimize the problem by removing your email address from the Reply To field when you send emails. Makes it a bit harder for the spammers. Avoid including your email address in any messages or put it in a form that isn't a valid address format.

    Unfortunately, you're address is in the wild so to speak so about the only way to completely eliminate this is to change your email address. However, even if you do the spammers may still discover it. You can make use of anonymous email servers which is what the spammers use to evade discovery.
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    Hi AKetchum, and a warm welcome to the forums!

    It's quite possible that your addy is just spoofed, they get them from infected PCs and people that include their whole address book in the TO: Box!

    Do you run any MS APPs like Word or Excel, there's a few Macro Malwares for them that can mail, like...

    Remove W97M.Thus virus/trojan...


    Anther thing you can do is get Little Snitch, stops/alerts outgoing stuff...


    To see if it is actually coming from yours.
  • AKetchum Level 1 (5 points)
    I don't know that removing the reply to is a workable solution for me since this is happening on my business email. I just haven't given this address to many people. Most of the spam I receive is filtered to the junk folder, and I haven't perfected a rule that will filter these.
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    I do use Excel and Word, but the only documents I ever open are from trusted sources. And this address is only given out to trusted sources. My personal email is not a problem; the few pieces of spam that make it to my computer are always filtered to the junk folder.

    Re the macro's, I only open macros from trusted sources--most of them are included in contracts from govt agencies and should be safe.

    I'd just like to figure out a way to stop getting these in my inbox and as I said in my other post, I haven't found a way to get these to go to the junk folder.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Any others?