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so, i got my itouch yesterday, and it was working fine. i downloaded a couple of songs, and was listening to them in clarity.
i woke up this morning, and tried to listen to the same songs, but they won't work. they show that they are playing, and that i have turned the volume all the way up, but i can't hear it. yes, the earphones are plugged all the way in, and its fully charged.
also, i cannot get to my game, to play it.

please help: (


Windows Vista
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    i have the same problem.

    the speakers without the earbuds work fine. actually EVERYTHING worked great out of the box on christmas. then today, my aux jack in the car cease to work, and now my earbuds no longer play the music. if i wiggle the connection, i get a faint sound of music, but nothing else. how could this break so easily??? and how do i get it fixed? i just got this thing yesterday! i wish i was a Buddhist because then i wouldn't give a crap, but i feel like my life is over. help me apple!
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    I am having the same problem. Did you all ever figure this out?